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Wilkinson – Tonight (After Midnight Mix)

Just a couple more days till the release of Wilkinson’s EP on RAM and I could not be more excited. Such a huge release and I have no idea why I didn’t post this song earlier…. Anyways, the original mix of, Tonight, is amazing needless to say. Usually when there’s an alternate mix to a song I just discard it because it doesn’t touch the original’s sound but this one is like an entirely different song in itself. The After Midnight Mix is filled with massive basslines and has a really unique groove to it. If you haven’t heard the other two songs off the EP yet, Pistol Whip and the original of Tonight, you have to check them out. Big ups to Wilkinson!


Wilkinson – Tonight

So excited for this tune!! Forthcoming on RAM on December 5th, probably one of the smoothest tracks out this month, is Tonight by Wilkinson. It’s not very bassy but is just a really clean track filled with good vibes. Have a listen to the clip below and make sure to grab it off RAM’s website when it’s released!