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Bass Coast Marketplace – Designer Fashion with JeniMack & Piña

Piña, Ganjaology

Attention fashionistas :::  This one is for you!

Back in July, I had the opportunity to join the Ganjaology team up north to attend the highly praised Canadian festival, Bass Coast.  Here, a vast array of artisans presented their unique goods and I was gifted the chance to sit down with a few vendors in the marketplace, including the lovely Jeni Mack who was joined by her supportive partner, Jonathan.  The two generously shared their time, smiles, and wisdom.  Jeni Mack represents Piña Styles, JeniMack for Piña, and JeniMack EcoFashion.

Piña Styles is the manifestation of Angie Roussin, who first opened her humble print shop in Ucluelet, B.C. seven years ago.  This small coastal town known as Ukee, is where it all began.  Piña produces stunning and unique prints of animals from the land and sea, pirate ships, and a vast array of other eye-catching images. Inspired by her younger years raised on sailboats in Vancouver, Piña spent plenty of time with her fisherman father and sea venturing mother.  These open ocean vibrations present themselves full force in the most raw, but tender of ways. Printed on environmentally friendly gear, the bold prints contrast oh so perfectly upon cozy hoodies and the softest tees.

JeniMack for Piña, Ganjaology

Six years ago, Jeni Mack first produced her now infamous cowl neck sweatshirt. With no formal training, Jeni put in the effort and time to create what is now her most successful article offered.  Jeni chuckles as she envisions her cowl neck taking over the world – watch out folks, these clothes are off the chain.  Adorned with various designs from Piña herself, JeniMack uses eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, hemp and marino wool. Her knowledge and close relationship to the fabrics shines through as she navigates practicality, comfort, and the technical abilities of natural fabrics.  To all you men…don’t be fooled by Mack’s feminine touch, she has a way with the male form and I highly recommend you slip into one of her hoodies.

It is important to know that the two ladies are not one entity, but rather two separate, magical beings who work closely together and fuel and support the other.  Each woman owns her individual business, but they have created a healthy, flourishing symbiotic relationship of talent and integrity.  Both ladies work exclusively with companies who are sweatshop free and sustainable.  Designed in Ucluelet and manufactured in Vancouver, B.C., both Pina Styles and Jeni Mack work to stay as local as possible.

JeniMack for Piña Cowl Neck, Ganjaology

I asked Jeni Mack for any wisdom to those of us looking to start our own niche endeavors. She repeated something that had been woven throughout our conversation.

“Nurture relationships…”

Let this remind us to conciously connect, feed, and nurture all relationships in our lives. Supporting and working with others who share similar truths and integrity will allow our own projects to blossom in honest ways.

As transformational festivals continue to bring us together, we can all find our niche within. Whether we choose the path of performer, musician, artist, healer, merchant, or participant, we are reinforcing a more positive way to conduct ourselves in the world. If at your core foundation, you believe in the integrity of small operations creating consistent, quality products for the community at large, then please support those people who genuinely work this way.

Drawing by Piña, Ganjaology, Piña

JeniMack, Ganjaology

Piña Styles and Jeni Mack are a prime example of how our world is continuing to grow and return to homeostasis. Their small business reaches out, lacing the whimsy of illuminated women, quietly, humbly, and confidently throughout conversations and communities. The eight women involved in running the operation lend their eloquence and love into the clothing, sending their vibration of connection and nurturing ways rippling out through their pieces; our own souls receiving this love as we are enveloped in intentional, gorgeous wearable art.

I full heartedly support these ladies, and express my gratitude to them, and others who are making a difference in their own, unique and beautiful way. Let this inspire us all to take action and reflect the way we really want our world to flow. We are all energetically intertwined and connected. The action of one, affects that of the masses.

Check out the Piña stores in Ucluelet and Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, and keep your eyes and ears open for more to come.  Also watch out for this fabulous booth at more festivals next season.  Both ladies accept pre-orders, so contact them with any questions or inquiries. You can also find Jeni Mack’s clothing in a select few retail stores throughout British Columbia.  Here’s just a few :::

Hemp & Company : Vancouver, BC

Shades of Green   : Parksville, BC

Seed Sustainable Style : Regina, Saskatchewan

Be sure to check out more from these ladies at their individual web spaces:

JeniMack EcoFashion

Piña Art & Styles

Be free to express yourself!


The Bloom Series Vol. 2 :: New World

The Bloom, New World, Ganjaology

Once again, the Bloom Squad has done it! With support of Muti Music, the team over at The Bloom Series has released a brand new package of paradigm shifters. Be sure to pick up the soundtrack for the second installment of The Bloom Series, an exciting look at what is emerging through the culture of collaboration and creative building. This is the New WorldHow do I (you) fit into it?

We can start by supporting this project through purchasing this incredible set of tunes!

Get it on Beatport or directly from Bloom through Bandcamp.

If you haven’t seen The Bloom, peep the films here.

Bless up!

The Bloom Series Vol 1 :: Fundamental Frequencies

Bloom, Ganjaology, Fundamental Frequencies

We are blooming. Things are beginning to really line up and the frequencies are beginning to sting ever so sweetly. With all the positivity that’s been going ’round it would be a shame if we didn’t share it with our network. That is why the Bloom Squad has decided to bring to us the music that so elegantly carried the vibes through the whole first film, Fundamental Frequencies. 

So, if you haven’t yet watched The Bloom, head on over to their screening room and take a peek. The film series documents the culture that is emerging surrounding transformational festivals, and oh’ if it isn’t done in the most uplifting fashion.

Tune in to The Bloom!

Purchase the tunes on Beatport or directly from The Bloom via Bandcamp.

Grounded TV Network – Festival Photographer Contest 2013

Heads up to the film and photo community, Grounded TV Network has the contest that will surely blow the minds of 5 fit photographers this summer. This BC based media company has been responsible for some of the highest quality footage and photos of many of the most extraordinary and extravagant parties on this side of the planet. They will be selecting 5 candidates to represent them this summer at the festivals of their choosing.

Yes, you heard it right…

Win this contest and go to any festivals you want this summer!

Here’s how it works.

To enter, email 10 examples of your best work (.jpg) , along with an introduction to yourself and your work, and a list of the festivals you would like to work with. Email –DEADLINE MARCH 25TH. Out of 15 finalist, 5 winners will be selected by public voting.

-Must be 19 or older.

-Not paid work, but you will usually get 2 tickets to the festivals you shot, as well as the option to sell or trade ad space in your online photo sets.

-Winners will also get a bunch of prizes from our sponsors (more being added soon), a hard cover book of their photography at the end of the year, and the option to sell this book, along with prints of there work through an online store of Grounded, all money going to the artist.

Check out some examples of photos and film from the Grounded TV Network below and be sure to head over to their site for more footage, photos, an awesome blog and much more!

Grounded TV Network

Let your energy be a part of maybe the most important movement of our time. Check out the Bloom Series in this intro film below to get a better idea of what you might be getting yourself into.

And remember, this is all love!