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Lightning In A Bottle 2013 Recap

With so many different takes on music festivals and a countless number of factors going in to the construction, creation, and production of the whole event, only the most innovative and organized groups are able to throw what would be considered a “successful music festival.”

Just a couple weeks ago, Ganjaology was able to make it down to Southern California where The Do Lab was putting on one of the most reputable music festivals on the West coast, Lightning In A Bottle.  For those of you unaware, The Do Lab is an LA based events group known for the construction their one of a kind interactive environments often built of recycled materials and illuminated with world class lights, lasers, and love.

Lightening In A Bottle was literally filled with awe.  Between performances ranging from world music in the Temple Of Consciousness, to futuristic bass music taking control of the nights, to renegade rock n roll shows, to house blaring out of a tree house, musically there was something for everyone to enjoy.  The stages all these artists were able to perform on were quite impressive as well.

The Lightning Stage was absolutely massive, and with a premium PK sound system straight from Canada, you had no problem hearing this stage from the back of the camping area.  During the day the Lighting stage was directly under the sun, but The Do Lab  made up for the lack of shade by providing giant colorful open-air space tipi’s which allowed for people to take a breather and relax comfortably while still listening to artist performing.  Rusko, PantyRaid, Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, and Emancipator are just a few of the artists that played on the Lighting Stage.

The next stage, The Bamboo stage, was constructed out of giant bamboo shoots, and hosted several of my favorite shows of Lighting In  A Bottle.  Kastle, Griz, Andreilien, Ill-Esha, Phuture Primitave, and An-Ten-Nae all blessed the stage with a substantial amount of energy, and in return an equal amount of enthusiasm was shown from the crowd.  The Bamboo stage had a main set of speakers right up against the stage, but then it also had two sets of island speaker stacks about 250 feet away from the stage pointing backwards.  This created a really deep dance floor that extended back 500+ feet from the stage.  There was live painting to the left of the stage, and on the right, underneath a canopy of small trees, were people hanging out on blankets and in hammocks enjoying the unique sounds of the West coast.  The last official stage of LIB was the Woogie stage.  This was by far the coolest stage due to the fact that the DJ’s were in a TREE HOUSE that looked like a birds nest and the sound they had blasting from the Woogie stage was coming from Funktion-One speakers.

As awesome as all the music and stages at LIB were, the aspect that set this festival apart from others that Ganjaology has attended in the past was all the next level art spread throughout the festival grounds.  Some pieces of art at festivals will make you say “Oh that looks cool…”  or “Wow…that’s interesting…” and then continue on your way, but what The Do Lab brought (artists and pieces of art combined) was art that made you think.  Art that invoked strong emotions from all festival attendees and made them want to not only look and gawk, but ask questions and give feedback about what they were experiencing.  I saw some people hanging out underneath instillations like the giant spider or in Neil Johnson’s human sized termite mound for HOURS.  I asked a few people why they were sitting in/under these instillations and their response was “Why not?  Where else will you get to experience something like this?  This is magic.”

All in all, Lightning In A Bottle is a festival not to be missed next year.  The energy was high, the people were exceptionally awesome, the music will truly speak to your heart, and The Do Lab loves what they do.

What else could you ask for?

Last but not least, Ganjaology would like to give a big thanks to The Do Lab, The Confluence,  Kelsey’s Creations, Roadz Less Traveled, Dropping Form Designs, and Neil Johnson.   You’re all awesome and we will see you next year!

Now enjoy some images of Southern California’s favorite festival, Lightning In A Bottle.

All Photos Taken By Alex Gaynor, Jorge Meza, Cameron Jordan, Jessica Bernstein, and Brian Erzen.  Thanks for the beautiful pictures!