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Sergio Medes – Mas Que Nada (LAXX Remix)

When I first saw LAXX’s post on FB about this tune, I for some reason didn’t read the title of it. I just pressed play. When the sample first came in I was instantly hooked. LAXX has taken a Samba/Jazz classic and has made it truly club ready. There’s such great energy in the original tune, and the Oxford based DJ/Producer has accurately improved upon it. This tune is the first of his holiday giveaways so if you dig this one prepare yourself for more. He just posted it up a few hours ago, so get it while its hot!

Side note, the photo above is from LAXX and Farkas’ back to back set on Get Darker TV. Check it out here if you have an hour to spare, its a great set.

Biggin’ up LAXX as always, for more from him check his Facebook and Soundcloud.

Ray Foxx – “The Trumpeter” (Subscape Remix)

Yes yes, new sounds from the Dub Police artist Subscape! He’s one of those guys where very rarely do you hear anything unpleasing with his stamp on it. This one has nice summer vibes to it in the ravey Subscape style. This remix of Ray Foxx’s song will definitely get people moving on the dancefloor. Check it!

Conrank feat. MC Zulu – Verbaliser (Savage Rehab) [Repost]

Godddd damn, songs like these are perfect examples as to why I’m always posting Drum & Bass. Savage Rehab again blow me away. I could easily go deaf from listening to their tunes due to the necessity of cranking up whatever speaker I’m using as far as possible. The duo are quickly becoming a prominent name in the DnB community with tracks like this, their remix of Crucial, Walk The Bass, and tons more. Verbaliser has such a good groove to it, every time I listen to it I just get that feeling of wanting to get up and move. On top of it the bassline is so smooth but it hits sooooo hard, words seriously can’t do it for this song, give it a listen below! Also hit Savage Rehab up on Facebook to check out other masssssive songs!!

Surge – Leech/Swaying Mantis Release

Coming up in just 3 days from now, Wheel and Deal Records is set to release a massive EP. However this is not your everyday release. No, this is an EP that has a very unique feel to it. Surge, hailing from the Dubstep mecha of Croydon, has (as he puts it) ‘built’ a very interesting sound to say the least. Both tracks are great tracks and have the same style in the way the synths move, even down to the frequency content of the synths. The track that really got me hooked though was “Leech”. That tune is simply mesmerizing, with the beautiful female vocals sung by Pyxis, and its melodic yet heavy bass to go along with it. I couldn’t stop listening, once I heard it. There doesn’t seem to be too much out there by surge, and I’m curious to see where his dubstep career pans out. If N-Type is backing him… I’d guess that he’s going to do well. Big ups to Surge on this special EP! Check it!

Farkas – “Tribal Dance”

Biggin up the Swedish producer Farkas on this one. There isn’t an actual date for the release yet but it has been set to release sometime in 2012 on Biscuit Factory. This one’s quite the ravey tune, with its four to the floor vibe. Tribal Dance has been getting plays from a lot of the UK dubstep DJs and I’m sure will be getting plays by all once it becomes available. Blast this one out your speakers and get yaself movin’!