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Self Evident – Stripped

Tonight would probably be a good night to get out on the dance floor and let loose. I mean seriously, we wanna see some booty shakin’ people!

Image by Mars-1.

HxdB and Ryan Wells – Splash

We earth beings are nourished, energized and enlivened by rain. Petrichor, the sweet smell of rain after a dry spell, fills our nostrils and reminds us of the beauty of life and our connection to the earth. Resulting from the oils secreted by plants and captured in clay, then released into the atmosphere; petrichor pulls our attention toward the skies. Enjoy the cool energy that flows from the heavens and let the droplets splash on your face… rinsing body, relaxing mind, and awakening spirit.

Art by Stewart.

Back To Work – Max Ulis

You know what time it is.  Time to get back to work.  YOU know what that means.  Get your ass out of your lousy little apartment, throw your fucking shoes on your feet,  lace those puppies up extra tight so you don’t break your ankle when you’re two steppin’ your way towards the cutest girl you see, and take a damn taxi to the closest club.  Yes, I said the closest club.  I don’t care what kind of music you’re groovin’ to tonight, but it better be bassy and you better not be slackin’ off! It’s time to GET BACK TO WORK. 

Rare Auto #4 Pride Edition


Been saving this one for a special occasion. I spotted this sexy limousine in Vancouver outside the club after seeing Dirty South perform. Since its Pride Weekend in Capitol Hill, I figured it was a perfect time to imagine yourself in the good old 80s grooving to some pop influenced early electro tunes. For now check this Grace Jones edit by Sam Boogie. And if you haven’t had one yet, stop by Cupcake Royal for “The Gayest Cupcake Ever.” Enjoy with pride while supplies last!

Digital Orca dreams PIXEL PLEASURE

So a few weeks ago I’m walking around in down town Vancouver enjoying the fresh cool air rushing through the streets between the behemoth glass structures that make up this new age urban oasis, when I come upon the most radical spectacle yet: DIGITAL ORCA by Douglas Coupland. This beautifully rendered three dimensional image of the famous warrior of the water is situated along the north side of the city outside the Vancouver Convention Center beside the Vancouver Harbor. It’s only natural that one of the oldest characters of pacific northwest traditional tales is depicted digitally in this metropolis cerca del mar. With the immortality potential of an animal without predators, It is told in certain stories that these whales are reincarnations of deceased native chiefs. Others believe that the first Orca is the result of a supernatural white wolf  which entered the water and was transformed into a whale. Our Goddess, Mother Earth is said to have painted this being with white to remind him of his life as a wolf. With great strength and intelligence, Orca guards the sea and watches over its inhabitants like his brother Wolf, ruler of the land. This photo that I took gives the whale an almost Christ like appearance, true to character for the supernatural swimmer.

Anyway, the image immediately recalled a video that I had seen accompanying a track by Berlin dubstep producer and DJ, Bazooka. The video is by Patrick Jean and was the winner of a number of awards including an Audi Talents Award at Cannes. This guy Patrick Jean’s website is mad cool and you can even shoot up his page with a little spaceship like Asteroid. Definitely check it out here. As for Bazooka, since graduating from the hard style gabber garbage that made me cringe when clubbing in Berlin and Rotterdam, he has adopted a quite curios sound, filled with bone crunching bass synths and head splitting treble overlays. It’s not my favorite sound, but it fits nicely with the video because Bazooka’s works are often injected with old arcade audio samples. He recently released his long awaited album AntiHero, and I have included below his April mixtape FukKen’ArtKore.

Anyone traveling to Vancouver must not miss DIGITAL ORCA, but in the mean while enjoy dreaming in digital eye popping pixels while the sounds of Bazooka create calluses along your ear canals.

Bless up to Brother Orca and as always to the Goddess.