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Trigram Records – Monsoon Come Again / Conception

Dub Dynasty (Alpha & Omega/ Alpha Steppa) & Ras Tinny’s Monsoon Come remixed by UK dub duo Dutty Hands & Cranky General…

Listen to the sounds. Feel the vibrations. Internalize. This is a collective meditation.

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Dub Side Select – Thursdays at BSide CLE

DubSideSelect, Man Amen, Damian Lauderbach, Ganjaology, Cleveland, BSide


Rotating selectors playing the very best in sound system music.
Ranging from roots reggae, ska and steppas, to dub, contemporary and dancehall…
This night is built to inspire positivity, build community and create vibes.

Thursday May 7 – Damian Lauderbach + Man Amen
Thursday May 14 – Paulie Walnuts + Jorge Cervantez + D.Lauderbach
Thursday May 21 – DJ Red-I + DJ Candi Fresca
Thursday May 28 – DJ Gino XL + King Dom

#BSideArcade #DubSideSelect


BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Heights BLVD
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Ganjaology, Dub Side Select, Cleveland, Man Amen, Damian Lauderbach

Swindle – Summer Fruits

Listening to this song makes it oh so easy to imagine ones self in warmer climates.

Such vibes on this, Swindle does it again.

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Chalice In Wonderland – A Mix By : BC DUBCATS

In the midst of a cold winter in most parts of North America, a couple cool cats from British Colombia have recently released a mix that is nothing but pure summer vibes.  I feel that this is a little reminder from our northern neighbors that summer isn’t as far away as you might think…or it may feel.  You should probably crank the heat to about 85*F and roll up a couple fatty’s to properly enjoy this mix.  Big ups BC Dub Cats for this incredibly chill mix!


Land – Live @ Photosynthesis

Ganjaology, Land, Photosynthesis

Just reconnected with one of the phatty DJs to play at Photosynthesis Festival this year. Phillip Frost aka Land is a newer head on the scene here in Seattle. Check this set from Photosynthesis. With a solid four on the floor pulse to start things off and moving nicely into some deeper sounds through ’til the end, tis mix is filled with pure vibes. Large up!

Memories Of Better Times Subreachers
Up HxdB
Zoom Dark Sky
The Goose That Got Away Objekt
The Lick Dark Sky
Unglued Objekt
Kelis feat Too $hort – Bossy (HxdB & Subcorr Refix)
Antisharkz Cardopusher
Typewriter Tune (VIP) DISTAL & HXDB
Brevity Raffertie
Inside My Love (Redlight Remix) Delilah
Keys Open Doors (MachineDrum Remix) Salva
We Got More (Throwing Snow Remix) Eskmo
Then What Cardopusher
Eight Times Up Simon/off
Faint Boddika, Joy Orbison & Pearson Sound
Twitch (It Grows & Grows) Raffertie
F_Technology Dark Sky
Cactus Objekt
Schematic Blocks Cardopusher
Collider ft laura Ivancie LAND
Bamba Step_140 Nico Luminous
Stylish Cadaver (Grenier Remix) HxdB
Pink Matter (Sivey Slow Burn Edit) Sivey

DZ – Got (Free Download)

Here is a brand new tune from the dubstep heavyweight, DZ.  The futuristic West Coast vibes don’t stop coming from this free download, GOT.  Grab your copy, big up the OG dubstep producer, and burn a nice fatty to DZ’s new sounds!

DZ On Soundcloud

Decibel Festival Artist Highlight – :: MORRI$ :: – Quick Cash

This dude MORRI$ makes some crazy futuristic beats for ya brain.  This latest track Quick Cash  is some motivational music for all you out there on the grind and hustlin’ hard!   He’s going to be performing at Decibel Festival this year in Seattle, WA… get ready for the end of the summer extravaganza featuring this young musical prodigy along with an insane list of other artists.  VIBES!



It’s A Ganjaman’s Holiday… Happy 420 . 2013!

I’m sure Obama is even celebrating with us today…

Happy Holidaze!

Here are some tunes for you to burn to all day day.

Midnite, KRSNA, Blessed Coast Sound System – Live at Neumo’s // Seattle // April 21, 2013

Midnite, Seattle, Neumo's, Roots, Reggae

Lift up Seattle! This is a calling. To all children at heart, young and old, big and small. On this day the 21st of April, 2013 there will be held a gathering. A session to give thanks and praises and to commune with one another in the presence of I.

The night will include performances by the almighty roots reggae band Midnite of St. Croix, along with supporting artists KRSNA Band and Blessed Coast Sound System!

For those that have not yet had the pleasure of knowing personally the music of Midnite, this is an invitation to invest. An invitation to adjust your I, to tune in through heart and head, and to improve our unified overstanding. The band which are led by brothers Ron and Vaughn Benjamin have been performing and spreading the positive message since their birth in 1997. With over 40 published recordings with many different labels, and many many praises and recognitions from across the globe, Midnite is one of the premier roots reggae bands of our time. This will be a performance to be remembered.

Get tickets for the show at Neumo’s here!

Midnite, Neumo's, Seattle, Roots, Reggae

Be sure to pick up the latest release from Midnite entitled, Children of Jah Dubs. It will be available digitally and on CD this month, just in time for the show. Get your copy pre ordered here.

And remember

…time is not counted from daylight, but from midnite

Here are some tunes to get things moving.

Until time, we hold love in our hearts and smiles in our faces.


Thanks and praises to everyone whose beautiful energy has gone into the production of this event. We would like to extend special thanks to Ises Productions, Rebel Lion Music, Higher Reasoning Reggae Time, and Neumo’s.

Thank you!

Israel Vibration – Live At Neumos [Seattle 2/24/12]

From the first time hearing their Strength of My Life album when I was 13 years old, I was entranced with the music of Israel Vibration. One of the many captivating reggae acts of our time, Israel Vibration is a true testament to the power of love and devotion to spirit, song and righteous living. Jamaican in origin, Cecil Spence (Skelly) and Lascelle Bulgin (Wiss) met as youths in a wellness center where each of them were suffering from polio. They found strength in their interactions with each other which furthered their dedication  to music, spirituality and the hope of a better future.

After years of recording and touring the world, the pair is still going strong. Tonight, in partnership with Culture Yard Productions and Neumos, Israel Vibration will grace Seattle with their ever flowing positive vibes. If you love reggae music, you already knew about this and you have a ticket. If you knew nothing of this until now, this is for you: Israel Vibration is real roots reggae. This is no joke. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Blessings and praises to the Most High.

See you there!




1. The Artificial Emotion

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

There is a permanent fact engraved in the complex web of the homo sapiens’ psycho-physical wealth: emotion is the primary precursor of behavior, the primary decider of action.

Life is a moment to moment process that specializes in producing surprises after surprises. There is no way not to let events affect us. Emotions arise and drive our actions.

Sometimes, the event creates emotion that goes through our psychology prior to accessing our physiology. Sometimes, it works opposite: it hits the flesh before it hits the head.

In any case, we are presented with emotions that mysteriously stimulate us (or not) and that need to be processed by our system of being.

In order to be creative, we do not have a choice but to create a system that gets us to the emotion without going through the event; a system that gets us to a specific kind of emotion without going through a specific kind of event.

Once the “artificial emotion” is created and processed by both our psychology and physiology systems, we can get into gear, into action, into creation…

So, how do we create artificial emotions? First, we start with the thought process in order to create a thought; which could be a memory or something imagined. Then, we let that thought travel all the way to the emotion process, via the nerve, by means of numerous messengers called neurons that go back and forth.

The nerve is the connective route between our psychology and our physiology. It must be kept like a “state of the art” highway system so neurons can freely, fluidly take it and ride it at will.

Neuron transmission is the key to the creative process, because it allows the primary thought (the idea) to transform into an emotion (the reality).

Therefore, the nerve must be protected. So let us look at what is available here in America, as far as legal substances, to help us do that (those options will not include any pharmaceuticals, considering that their side effects are just too incalculable).

There are three compounds: alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.

Let us start with alcohol (we will not include here the wholesome, non synthetically “yeasted” red wine alcohol that stands as an exception when consumed in moderation; later in this essay, we will explore the specifics regarding this only source of natural alcohol the world possesses).

When alcohol enters our system, it helps us reach the specific kind of feeling we expect to experience as we prepare and create the original thought. A sense of calm and creativity starts to envelop us, which easily brings us to that emotion in question. But science has proved that alcohol damages our brain and the neurons in it. Our little messengers must be multiple and kept healthy (instead of being destroyed) so they can ride the nerve route in large numbers. Alcohol protects that same route by helping the neurons transmit their messages successfully (which gets us to the emotion from the thought) but it does it by eliminating those that have not started their trip yet, those that are still in the brain and not yet ready to leave it and venture out into the body via the nervous system.

The price to pay is just too high. Self destruction, even though it has been the mantra of some of the best of our past artists and pioneers, is to be avoided when it comes to learning the creative process. May be for the simple reason that it is year 13, a third millennium, and that our perception of things through science and other disciplines has changed. For instance, the concept of neuro-genesis (the reproduction of neurons, a notion that has only been accepted during the last 25 years), the opposite of the neuron destruction that alcohol is responsible for, has started to take hold within the society of scientists, savants and artists. We now know that our psychology and physiology systems possess receptors, including the nuclear one, that are sensitive to cannabinoids, the active compounds in cannabis. Besides, those same cannabinoids are, as we speak, being studied by scientists as potential precursors of that same neuro-genesis.

Ganja White Night – Mystic Herbalist Promomix

Ganja White Night has got a new LP coming out called Mystic Herbalist that is packed with 8 hard hitting, extra wobbly dubstep tracks.  A couple of the tracks are a little more deep and minimal, while the others tracks have got a very dubby reggae/world vibe to them, ultimately creating an album with a lot of character and leaving every song very distinguishable.  There are a lot of positive vibes being thrown out by this mix, so have a listen and dive into the sounds of Ganja White Night!


Ganja White Night – Mystic Herbalist LP Promo Mix
Track List :

1 : Unnamed track
2 : Bubblegum
3 : Black Widow
4 : Amnesia
5 : Jock Horror
6 : Euforia
7 : Blue Velvet
8 : Endless Sky

Self Help Goes To Moombahtown [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Self Help is on fire this year!  Self Help Goes To Moombahtown is his brand new three track EP that consists of remixes of songs by When Saints Go Machine, Busy Signal, and Tennis.  This EP is going to take you on a short musical road trip to Moombahtown where you’ll find nothing but 80 degree days coated in sunshine showers…free 32oz margaritas at every corner…and clubs that bump nothing but moombah vibes out of their front doors at all hours of the day.  Self Help Goes To Moombahtown is particularly cool because of the AWESOME sampling job Self Help conducted in the construction of each of these remixes.  Hearing Self Help’s versions of Parix, Cool It Baby, and Petition, followed up by the originals  lets you see just how unique Self Helps ear is and will give a little glimpse into the mind of the Ohio based artist.  Enjoy this summer energy!

sMILOdon – Vibes

This track was released last year as a part of sMILOdon’s Watts EP, and it has been on repeat in my deck ever since. From the rocksteady riddim supporting the intro, to the laid back moving body of the song, sMILOdon has brought forth the energy of the Most High with this one. Big ups to DopeLabs for the fresh film.

There’s good people around, you know happy people, lively people, you know vibes people…

Love the music!


Positive Vibes From ‘Pogo’

This post is a little bit different than most of my others. These 3 tunes below aren’t bass heavy, they’re not dark, and they don’t have any wobbles. These beautifully crafted remixes have a very unique sound. The producer Pogo a.k.a. Nick Bertke takes sound clips from a set movie or show, chops and tunes them to his liking, then builds funky, melodic and beautiful tunes. The best part is, it’s not only music! The videos are edited to follow along with the song. Below are three that I found to be really cool, there are MANY more on his youtube channel though.

Check out his youtube channel at:

And his website at:

Enjoy these beautiful, positive songs!