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Sonic Bloom 2014 Recap Video

DO$EMONEY Album Review

I had to really meditate on this album to even get on a level high enough to post about it. These trapped out philosiphers  have created a set of tracks that deliver you a dose of higher thinking in the utmost hood fashion. Trap Rap’s first boy band, consisting of Goldfacemoneywatch, Mondo the Moonrock, Kick Dose, Boy Bando and Believe, has created all of their media from scratch. From the intricate production, to the crisp engineering, to the next level lyrical content, Dose Money has birthed this unique album with their Dosed Trap flavor and done it all themselves.

Now, there’s a few different levels to this album. Beyond this perfectly imperfect trap sound, there’s an underlying theme to this group of tracks. This album’s aim is to bring a higher level of thinking in the form of trap music. In other words this album is meant dose all of East Cleveland in one fell swoop. Each of the songs stick close to the dose topic but talk about specifics like the necessity of having multiple cell phones, or moving weight in bulk in order get the best profit margin, topics that need to be properly discussed.The groups first single “Halloween” is all about ‘serving of the porch like its halloween’, one could say the group in this song is trapping a higher sense of existence. When teamed up with the dark, crisp visuals shot by Dose Money’s own Believe, the track is truly complete.

All of these tracks come together to form the groups carefully crafted debut album “DO$E”. I must warn you, before you click play, make sure to allow a solid amount of time to let this album set in and deliver you the intended mind opening experience.

Check out  DO$EMONEY’s debut single “Halloween” below and grab the whole album for free!

Machinedrum – Gunshotta (OG Official // Om Unit Remix)

Ganjaology, Machinedrum

New from Machinedrum off his Vapor City album.

Plus, a fabulous remix by Om Unit.

Get it!


Bonobo – Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix)

Bonobo, Black Sands Remixed

Really been vibin’ this video. The track is taken from a collection of remixes of Bonobo’s recent album Black Sands. Machinedrum spins magic with the edit, while illustrator Anthony Shepard feeds our minds with incredible visuals. Bless…


Max Powa ft. Prince Alla & Seanie T – ‘Great Stone’ (Truth Remix)

Max Powa, Prince Alla, and Seanie T came out with an incredible song entitled Great Stone this past summer via Powa Cuts.  With the song already having a very rootsy, minimal, dubstep feel to it, I thought it would only be a matter of time before some remixes would pop up.  Sure enough, a few months later, Truth got a hold of the record and took the production to a whole new level with their epically deep and dark remix.  This was available on vinyl for a short amount of time, consider yourself lucky if you can still find it!   Enjoy this massive remix from Truth and an incredible original from Max Powa, Prince Alla, and Seanie T.

NEW!! Beats Antique – Skeleton Key (Official Video)

Here is a brand new video from Beats Antique for their song, Skeleton Key

Joney – Oh Allright

 Jonas Schiefferdecker, better known in the music world as Joney, is one of Germany’s most original and up and coming underground bass music producers.  Having an incredible ear for the percussive side of music, Joney has come up with a sound that incorporates genre’s from all different backgrounds, but all share one beautiful quality.  They all make you dance!  Just before Christmas you will have an early gift from Saturate! Records, which is the release of Joneys ILLOWHEAD EP.  Drawing influence from glitch-hop, dubstep, trap, garage, electro, and sounds far beyond classification, Joney is ending the year of 2012 with a bang with this future bass release on December 21st.  Here is a preview of what’s coming your way!


The homie Morris out of Kansas City has been blowing up with his “purple” sound.   Hopefully he’ll be touring on the West Coast soon, there a lot of people who would drop dollaz to check out his live show! In the meantime…enjoy his video for his song Affairs.

Danny Brown – Wit It (Official Video)

Danny Brown goes the hardest.  ‘Nuff said.

Filastine – Gendjer2 Music Video and LOOT Now Out!


Filastine, one of the global dance scenes most sought after bass music producers, has just released his 3rd full length album (the first two being Burn It, which was released in 2006 and Dirty Bomb, which was released in 2009) entitled LOOT.  Along with this 13 track drum driven piece of art is Filastines latest music video for the song Genjer2, a collaboration he did with one of Indonesia’s finest vocalists and his good friend, Nova.  Genjer2 is nothing but pure beauty.  The music video, directed by Astu Prasidya, has a rich warm dark feel, and an even richer expression of emotions and one overall message.  FREEDOM FOR ALL.

The videos for No Step and Gendjer2 are just a small preview of how incredible LOOT truly is.  Words can not describe the beauty and energy put into this album.  Do yourself a favor and buy it.




Filastine will be performing at Chop Suey on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Sunday in night with Heyoka for his LOOT tour.  There are no excuses not to be at this event put on by BassDrop.  Support the local bass crews!

MORchillstep – Dubstep Timelapse Films

I must say that it disturbs me when I see those televisions whose sole purpose is to display a fireplace in place of where a real fire should be. Recently I heard someone say that television is a great way for their kids to learn about nature. Seriously, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever hear. It is sad that we live in a time when parents feel its ok for children to experience the world through a virtual reality. That said, if I’m gonna watch anything, I love seeing beautiful landscapes and awesome animal activity that I might not ever be able to experience in nature. If you are of the same mind, check out this beautiful photography overlayed with superb ambient dubstep. It’s a wonder that this is only now coming out. WE WANT MORE!!


And don’t forget to give thanks for the wonderful world in which we live. Go outside. Feel the earth against your feet. Feel the sun against your face. And enjoy the time you have here. It won’t last forever. But until then, kick back and vibe with this sweet media treat.

Here’s some more to keep your party grooving.

Thumbnugget – Codeine Ocean


Thumbnugget brings another trippy video featuring extra rare footage of Cleveland’s very own Codeine Ocean.  Enjoy.

Boogz Boogetz and Prodigy of Mobb Deep – Supreme Flow

The infamous Dubstep legend Skream teamed up last year with a pair of notable New York hip hop MCs, Boogz Boogetz and Prodigy (aka the long locked away other half of Mobb Deep). Just releaesd, this is the official video for the song, Supreme Flow. For all you bass heads out there, this track is the real deal. But you already knew that. I mean honestly, we’ve all heard this song.

For those that are interested in some more of the hip-hop flavor, I added a few additional videos from Boogetz, one of which again features Prodigy. Enjoy!

Did I mention that Skream will be in Seattle with Benga in March? Oh ya, well shout out to Kaos Theory for this one. Check back for the writeup.

Skream – Nefariousa (Scion AV)

 Here is a brand new video from Skream for his song Nefariousa, which is from the five track ep Skream & Benga released with Scion AV earlier in December.  Be prepared for an intense six minutes to take place before your eyes as soon as you click play.  Big ups to and Skream & Benga for entertaining the masses this month! FINISH OUT 2011 WITH A BANG MATE! THE WORLDS GONNA END NEXT YEAR!

Smoke Screen – Super Mega Sonic (Digiraatii Edit)

Digiraatii have been absolutely murdering the Electro scene as of lately and our friend K-Wil just put together a very based music video for their latest tune! Now I don’t get down with a ton of Electro House but seriously each tune that the the Columbus based duo put out is so huge, sooo many glitchy synths and wobbles. Check out the video below and if you haven’t been to a Digiraatii show yet, after watching this you’ll know it’s a must. Big ups to K-Wil, Digiraatii, and Smoke Screen. Big tune!

Turbo Sonidero Futuristico – Donador de Organo

This video is , creepy, sexy, haunting, vivid, and extremely Halloween.   Oh, I forgot to add gangster too.

Caspa – “Sir Rock Alot”

New music from the dopest ghost in towwwwnn! Caspa just dropped his new track Sir Rock Alot today! The tune isn’t as wobbly as his usual stuff, but it has some nice chugging guitar in that nice Caspa dubstep flavor. Grab it on beatport, support your favorite artists! Enjoy.