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Self Evident’s – Silly Spring Mix

Congratulations!  You have officially made it through winter (again).  In celebration of a crisp and refreshing season, and a season that represents a new beginning and rebirth, one of Canada’s finest producers, Self Evident, has put together an hour long mix of some tunes that will assist you of cleansing yourself of all the stale energy you’ve acquired throughout the past several months.  This is a high energy mix fit for everyone.  Enjoy this along with the growing amount of sunshine in your life and keep an eye out for Self Evident at a venue or festival near you!


Higher State Of Cockiness – Self Evident Mash
Sergio Levels – Patched
Blind Prophet – Vortex
Self Evident & Dan Solo – Ready
Blind Prophet – Stasis
Self Evident & Subcorr – Dutty Walk (WIP)
Cooly G – Dubplated
Krueger – Can You (Cool Mix)
4B – Bomboclat (Smooth Edit) Main Course
Taal Mala – White Label Renegade (Edit) Modern Math
22:22 – Trust – Forthcoming April 2014 on Dipped Recordings
LLH – Forget – Shlohmo Remix (Evident Bass Edit)
Breach – Fatherless (Self Evident Bootleg Remix)
Riko – Demon Diss (Self Evident Rediss)
Kelela – Do It Again (Edit)
The Weeknd – Wicked Game (Gamer Mix)
Wiley – Link Up (Instrumental)
Wen – Commotion VIP
Dubbel Dutch x DarkSky x Logos (Evident Megamash)
Wiz Khalifa – Up In It (Gadda Give Edit)
Self Evident – Run The Place (WIP)
Self Evident – Intrigue (WIP)
Self Evident + Max Ulis – Shock (Early Mix)
Kelela + Bok Bok – A Lie (Self Evident Bootleg Remix)


Shambhala & Homebreakin Records – Night Moves Remix Contest

This year in celebration and anticipation of Shambhala Music Festival, Homebreakin Records and Shambhala are doing a remix contest of Neighbor and Thinktanks tracks ‘Night Moves’ and ‘The Peaks’.  All you producers out there who think you’ve got the skills to have your sounds played on the Pagoda stage by the legendary Neighbour, get your remixes ready and sent off to Shambhala by August 2nd!  The winner will be announced on August 6th… and they are really getting hooked up fat!

You Could Win…

  • Your remix released on Homebreakin records.
  • Complimentary 2013 SMF ticket.
  • Skip the ferry lot line and receive free parking in talent parking.
  • Greeters at reception.
  • Accreditation – talent wristband.
  • VIP Camping – tent, air mattress, linen sheets, duvet – all provided.
  • Guided Tours – by Talent Services administration.
  • Industry guests BBQ – on Saturday and Sunday
  • Meet and greet with producers and parents.

All submissions should go to :  or you can email mediafire or other download links to

Download the stems here :

 The Peaks –
Night Moves –



A couple weeks ago Bryzergold (Orlando, Florida) put out a devastating tune that goes by the name of BASHED.  This track is pure evil.  In a good way.  It’s not too hard to guess where he got the name from…

Bryzergold put this one out for free so take advantage of the download!

Now on to the VIP…which I’ve got to say is my favorite.  Deemed took the wobbles, tweaked em out a little bit, ditched the sample all together, and turned this track into an all out rhythmic party.

Have a listen to both of em, and enjoy the dirty vibes!

Ganjaology Guest Mix – BLEED (Shift Recordings)

Ganjaology is proud to announce a new guest mix that our big homie Bleed, representing Shift Recordings, did for us to kick off the Halloween energy that is about us this month.  Bleed kicks off the mix with a HUGE original, unreleased tune entitled I LOVE HATERZ.  The sample is from one of Kat Williams stand up comedies that I’m sure most of you have heard 1000 times before…but never like this!  This mix is enormous.  It’s an hour and six minutes long and touches on all different areas of dubstep.  Your ears may or may not be bleeding after you’re finished listening to this one.  Enjoy the heavy vibes!






Corner Of Ya Block – Original Mix – High Rankin
I Call Shots (Symbl Remix)
Stomp – Original Mix – Richie August
Track 10 – Stenchman (Dub)
Teflon ft Kemst (Datsik & Excision Remix) – Kelly Dean & Steady
Supaskank – Kidonabike
Nothing – Culprate
Jane – Riskotheque, Triage
Kamikaze – AntiSerum, No Thing
Enemies – Bare
GearBox (VIP) – UltraBlack
Bad Bitches – Hulk
Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz) – Kanye West
Roughed Up – Mantis
Psycho Skank – The Widdler
Rise From The Ashes – SPL, Messinian
Let Us In – Tetsuo
Track 02 – Stenchman (Dub)
Smoke Screen – Surpass & Cease
Pull Up – Megalodon
Sippin On Some Syrup (Acapella) – Three Six Mafia Ft UGK
Simon Says (Dubstep Bootleg) – Pharoah Monche
Dumbo Riddim – Wulf
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Layer Cake – DJArtery
I Make Bass – High Rankin
AngelDust – Hulk
Forever (SPL Remix Alternate Version) – Drake (Ft. Lil Wayne & Eminem)
Sunset Trippin – Bleed
9.Left The Room – Skream ft P Money
Middle Finger – Skrewluce
Out for Blood – Bleed
Spitfire EQ – Tetsuo
MeetMeOutside_VIP – Symbl
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Sellin Bass [BLEED REMIX] – Lukki
Raw Eggs – Banana Bomber
A Millie (Excision & DatsiK Remix) – Lil Wayne
Fracture – Dubtek
Dark Circles – J:Kenzo, TZR, Bleed
Exodus (HavocNdeeD RemiX) – Bob Marley

Supreme – Back To School Mix

Summer is over! It’s official.  I saw Autumn get blown in yesterday with the a strong presence and a cool breeze.  It’s time for a lot of you out there to get back to school.  To kick of the school year Supreme is blessing you all with a huge mix featuring a mighty list of artists to get your Autumn vibes correct.  This mix is not for the weak hearted, embrace the heavy riddims!


1. Requake – Fatality (Megalodon Remix) [DUB]
2. Jakes – Rhythm VIP [DUB]
3. Temo and Apollo – Kung Fu [DUB]
4. Requake – No Pain No Gain [Forthcoming Bassclash]
5. Hizzleguy – Drunk Dub (Dismantle Remix) [White Label]
6. Megalodon – Sparta [Forthcoming Sin City]
7. Supreme and Farkas – Pandemonium [DUB]
8. Megalodon – Heavyweight (Supreme Remix) [Forthcoming Brap Dem!]
9. Taiki & Nulight – Kuroshira V [DUB]
10. Cyberoptics – Harlequin Dreams (Megalodon Remix) [DUB]
11. Truth & Kromestar – Reality Twist [FREE]
12. Dream – Dub Runner (Taiki & Nulight Remix) [DUB]
13. Dream – Dub Runner (Supreme Remix Feat. Doctor) [DUB]
14. Dream – Dub Runner VIP [DUB]
15. Antiserum & Dubsworth – Paragon [DUB]
16. Apollo – Can’t Test [DUB]
17. Megalodon – Loma Me Now [DUB]
18. The Others – The Way You Make Me [Dub Police]
19. Megalodon – Mercy Killing VIP [DUB]
20. Jakes – Cadi [DUB]
21. Coki – Bedouins [DUB]
22. Laxx & Farkas – Creature [Biscuit Factory]
23. Filth Collins – Terrordome [DUB]
24. Diplo & Oliver Twizt – Go (Filthy Disco Remix) [FREE]
25. Farkas – Your Language VIP [DUB]
26. The Aliens – Enough Said (Megalodon Remix) [DUB]
27. Supreme & Disonata – Vice [DUB]
28. Hizzleguy & Screenage Feat. Beezy – Mortified [DUB]
29. Supreme & Chewie – Snaggletooth [DUB]
30. Supreme & Antiserum – Lifted [DUB]
31. Megalodon – Wicked So [DUB]
32. Unitz – I Wanna Make Luv 2 U [DUB]
33. Farkas – Tribal Dance VIP [DUB]

DMZ (Mala & Coki) Set at Outlook Music Festival 2010 with SGT Pokes

I just came upon this recording of Digital Mysitkz (Mala & Coki) set they recorded at Outlook Music Festival in 2010 with Sgt. Pokes blessing the mic.  I’m almost speechless at the seriously positive vibes thrown out into the world by this set.  From the moment this recording starts Mala, Coki, and Sgt Pokes leave the crowd dumbfounded by their volume, undeniably awesome track collection, and large presence they displayed on stage.  Here is the tracklist.  You’ll need to know what’s playing over your speakers for the next 30 minutes!

1 Pinch??? – ????
2 Twinkle Brothers – Faith Can Move Mountain
3 Digital Mystikz – Return II Space
4 Goth-Trad – Cosmos
5 Mala – Eyez VIP
6 Movado – Gangster for Life (Coki Remix)
7 Coki – Marduk Coki – Lucifer
8 Skream – Tapped
9 Digital Mystikz – Anti-War Dub
10 Mala – Bury Da Bwoy
11 V.I.V.E.K. – The Big Bang
12 Digital Mystikz – Haunted
13 Coki – Spongebob
14 Coki – Shock It
15 Mala – Changes (Distance Remix)
16 Truth – Fatman VIP

Bryzergold – Mini Mosh Mix

Here we go,  a brand new Bryzergold mix for ya!  48 minutes of non stop heat for ya speakers.  Tune in. This young Orlando based artist is doing big tings!  Don’t sleep on  his vibes.


Mystic – Menace vs. Gass VIP
Bryzergold – The Engineer
SnipaZ & Squalid Squad – Understand (SnipaZ VIP)
50 Carrot – Wiz Kid VIP
Megalodon – Rectify
Skeng – Say Nuttin
Unnatural Forces & Skoop – Party VIP
Standard Procedure & Unnatural Forces – Come Get Sum
Unnnatural Forces – Blackout
Akira – Orcrist VIP
Benzmixer – Chicken Bone VIP
Distinct & Saule – Smurfin Dub (Bryzergold’s Lean Wit It Edit)
SubFiltronik – Dark Lust
Benzmixer – Drone
Megalodon & Badklaat – Twisted Metal
Squalid Squad – Eazy
Megalodon – Mercy Killing
D2 – Master
Fable – Roots
Mutated Mindz – Brown Sugar
Lost & Hatcha – King of the Trees
Megalodon – Party Position VIP
RDG – Ironman
Mala – Lean Forward

HxdB & Self Evident – New Stylee (SUBCORR & HxdB VIP) *Free DL*

Goodness, gracious, me! Leave it to the Canadians to tear the roof off once again with this one. Hexadecibel teams with SUBCORR of Victoria, BC to bring us this insane VIP. The original can be found on HxdB and Self Evident’s recent release with Palm’s Out Sounds entitled, Hoof Hearted EP,  which also includes a remix by Max Ulis. That makes three different mixes of this dirty track. What’s your favorite?

Enjoy the Free DL, and send love and support for these guys by purchasing the EP here.

THROWBACK OF THE WEEK -Conscious Pilot – How High

 This one is exactly what the title says.  Ganjaology’s throwback of the week is Conscious Pilot’s , How High, released in 2009 on Trillbass Records.  Yes that’s right, 2009.  3 whole years ago. A lot of you still had no idea what dubstep was, where it came from, OR the fact that  the man behind this all star tune, Conscious Pilot, is from our home country, The United States of America.  Fuck Yeah.  If you’re not familiar with How High, it’s time for you to take 5 minutes and enhance your level of knowledge with this tune.  With 4 of the heaviest drops ever produced, Conscious Pilot keeps you engaged with his diverse wobble patterns that carry the listener through a complex and intricate world of bass that is powered what we love most, dirty ass drums.  Rumor has it that a long awaited VIP may be on the way in the near future…Tune in!

Conscious Pilot on Facebook

Conscious Pilot on SoundCloud

Conscious Pilot on Twitter

Bukez Finezt – “Head Noddah (VIP)”

Biggin’ up this german dubstep producer, this tune is a massive one. I need to check out more of his stuff to be honest, but the few songs I’ve heard have a nice vibe and all have huge sounds. Check this new VIP he posted 2 days ago!

Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP

Apparently this stinkah has been around for a while, but this tune is Large. The only version you can find of this dubplate is the one below, with Youngsta talking over it. This one was too big not to post. Check it. Big up Kryptic Minds.

Stinkahbell – “Something In Your Eyes” (MistaJam VIP)


So, I was kicking it at the Benga showat the club Roxy here in Orlando, and the native homie Bryzergold was putting down a massive set as usual. He was dropping his usual swagged out, UK influenced, dub rollers and the place was getting down. As I sipped on few stellas I started finding myself slowly dancing more and more (could have been the alcohol or the great tunes). The set started to quiet down as he let the track run out. He mixed in this tune and as soon as the smooth “something in your eyes” dropped the place went nuts. With such nice melodies yet such heavy hitting bass you had to be crazy not to get down to such a tune. I’ve been getting more into Stinkahbell since then and the london based duo aredefinitely worth checking out. Out to Bryzer, out to Stinkahbell for the great track and out to MistaJam for a nice variance. Enjoy.

Teknian – “Isolation (VIP)”

I found this nice creepy VIP skimming through songs on soundcloud. Its got a this crazy spacey vibe and then in comes the minimal wobs that instantly made me bounce back and fourth while listening. Everything from the echoing vocal sample to the crisp high end of the 808 hats creates a scene that truly makes you feel isolated. Big up this swedish dub producer, gwan and check the chune.

Excision & Noiz – Force (Bassnectar & Excision VIP)

What just happened?

Hizzle Guy – Fused

Here is a new and incredibly hot track from Hizzle Guy, one of the seven members of GangGoon Dubz from Brighton, England.   This track falls under the EXTRA TOUGH HEAVYWEIGHT DUB folder on my hard drive.  The original Fused flows very nice with its repeatative wobbles and is probably a little better for grandma’s ears than the Fused VIP, which is meant to destroy speakers.  Listen to them both, you will definitely have one of them on repeat in no time.