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Skream – 130BPM Mix

Everyone knows that master selector/creator Ollie Jones, better known as Skream, has paved the way for the dubsteppers across the universe. What is less well known is that our boy’s skills expand far and wide, in this case into the wonderful world of 130 bpm four on the floor fatty future funk. This mix is a set that Skream did at Manchester’s Warehouse Project just this month.

I had the exciting experience of visiting the Warehouse Project while in Manchester a few years back. Once an underground auto bunker, this subterranean maze of marvelous brick work is home to one of Manchester’s most exuberant party spaces. When you listen to this mix imagine raging deep in a cavern where the vibrations resonate with so much force that the walls shake. That’s Warehouse Project.

And that’s the sound that the Skream brings with this paramount package of tunes. Enjoy!

Boddika & Joy O – Mercy
Samuel L Session – Can You Relate
Drums of Death – Bang The Drum
Robert Hood – Apartment Zero
Ramires – Praxis
Nacim Ladj – Carlito’s Way
Paperclip People – Throw
Para One – Mother (Mr Oizo Remix)
Boddika & Joy O – Swims
Fix – Flash (Edit)
Brodinski, Djedjotronic,Noob & Harvard Bass -Extreme Compote
Hackman – Close
Steve Poindextex – Work That Motherfucker
Grain – Untitled 4
Boddika – Soul What (Beats Mix)
Drums Of Death – Tear The Box Apart
Hackman – Sunburst
Skream – Thought’s of You