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Raffertie – ‘Rain’ (Teebs Remix)

Ganjaology, Rain, Raffertie,

In Seattle, it rains. That’s the bottom line. Shout out to all the water up here in washing-town.

This tune is quite different. Listen…

Photosynthesis Six // July 19-21 // Neah Bay, WA

Well folks… Summer is here, and all of our plant friends are in full bloom. The trees are singing, the flowers are crooning, and festival season is in full swing. I’ve been lucky enough to have been selected as a stage manager for the upcoming Washington state electronic arts and music festival, Photsynthesis. This weekend, I’ll be headed out to Neah Bay, WA to participate in the headiest of heady NW festivals.

I am beyond excited.

For those that don’t know, Photosynthesis is in her 6th year, and will be hosting an outstanding lineup of music, art and workshops. The event will be held on a parcel of land operated by the Makah People, just south of Cape Flattery on the Washington Coast. This year, I’m pleased to announce that the art will be curated by our good friends at Tribe 13 Gallery. Many other artists will be represented.

See a full list of artists here.

Now for the music. I can’t very well list all of the exciting acts that I wish to see. But check here for a list for yourself. Below are just a few examples of the kind of tunes you might expect to hear at Photo. Check it out!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Photosynthesis, Ganjaology

Do you have your pinecone yet? If not, be sure to catch up with my dude Carl from Third Eye Pine Cones to cop one for yo-self.


Filth Fest 3.0 [Tonight 3/2/13 in Bellingham, WA!!]


Oh you didn’t know ’bout this!? Better jump in that


Because we have



oh my gosh it’s going down.



“Ganja Rush”

“Ganja Rush”,

or the Regulation of a Natural in the Land of a Thousand Kisses,

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

The prohibition has ended. Welcome to the second G…. Rush.

For the first time in the history of American capitalism, the tobacco and alcohol industries are going to get some serious competition. Their markets will shrink a substantial amount; may be 25%.

How is this going to happen you might ask?

Very simply: the new kid on the block is called cannabis (C). Its consumption and its trade is now, as we speak, being legalized by the state governments of Washington and Colorado. You can now walk the streets of downtown Seattle while puffing on a (C) cigarette, freely. I was doing so last month one evening. A policeman walked by me. He did not say a word, nor did he even look in my direction. But he for sure smelled it. I suspected he probably smoked it too…

A new society awareness is being invented by the American population. One can draw a direct parallel with the 1930’s when alcohol became finally legal.

Only one must add to this comparison a fact of pure wonder, the one that will change the world as we know it: cannabis acting as the “health angel”, which in turn will prove alcohol (as well as tobacco) as “hell’s angels”. An iconic, societal combat is about to begin.

We will separate our study in two parts:

The first explains how cannabis teaches you the creative process, which starts with the thought process and finishes with the emotional one, while the link is played by the nervous system. Creativity is the voyage between the thought and the emotion. To travel the distance, we depend on the nerve. We ride on it.

We must therefore protect the latter — which is what alcohol (A), tobacco (T) and cannabis (C) do so well — in order to facilitate the creative process. Only we will explain how one of those three actors, (C), does it so much more effectively, because, among other reasons (those two being linked):

It creates much less side effects than the two others; which, in turn, makes (C) a much better actor on neuro-transmitters.

The second part will explain how the (C) makes you physiologically aware of the deficits of (A) and (T), and their taxing on one’s psycho-physical wealth. We all know about how bad those two compounds are for us (except for the moderate consumption of wholesome, pure, synthetics free red wine). But here, we will explore how (C) gets you to the feeling of such deficits, which in turn will subconsciously dictate behavioral and life style changes. And that for the better.

Photo by Noom Srisunakorn

Bassdrop : Community Bass Sessions AFTERHOURS : 29 September 2012

So Bassdrops Community Bass Sessions show on the 29th at the Crocodile with Boreta, Marty Party, R/D, Danny Corn, and Kat1lyst, is gonna be sick.  Their AFTERHOURS party is gonna be just as fun, if not more bumpin!  It’s featuring a Pressha, Tonzafun, Dirty Birdz, Dot Diggler, and the Mcfunk Bros.  The venue is not announced, nor will it be announced to the general public.  You’ll have to call the info line the night of the party and get directions.  Get on the Facebook page to get the number, and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!  Seriously… lets get this party poppin’…show love for the people throwing parties in your city.  Big up yaself!



Piri Piri – Mami (Cedaa Remix)

Cedaa is holdin’ the bass scene down up in the North West releasing nothing but pure fire to heat up your speakers.  This is his remix of Piri Piri’s, Mami.  Filled with clicks, claps, crashes, barks, twirls, zooms, and that oh so recognizable Cedaa bassline, you’ll have your body grooving to this one in no time.  Enjoy. 

Memekast mk064 – Stephan Jacobs

AAAND THE WEST COAST DROPS DON’T STOP!  Here is a huge 50 minute, all original, mix from Stephan Jacobs of LA, California, that he released a month ago.  I’m going to see him perform tonight at Chop Suey in Seattle, WA, so Jacobs music has been blasting through my speakers a bit more than usual.   AND IT’S 21 PLUS AT THE DOOR! Thank you for that BassDrop.  Anyways, enjoy this mix and make sure to add it to your music library!

The Beatles – Come Together (David Starfire Remix)

So a couple months ago when I saw David Starfire at Contour, in Seattle, Washington, he opened up his set (it might have not been the first song but it was close!) with an incredible remix of The Beatles, Come Together.  He dropped the song and the whole vibe of the room seemed to shift in a positive manner and people were literally coming together on the dance floor.  David Starfire has a distinct sound that incorporates world beats, with glitch, hip hop, and dubstep, mashed up all together and spit back out with his own heavy bass take.  It’s catchy, inspiring, and gets feet moving! Enjoy this one.