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Watertonic – Modulation

All of Watertonics songs give me an out of body sensation the first time I listen to them.  I’ve been feeling his style of bass music a lot recently and Modulation is nothing short of exceptional.  Let your mind drift off to somewhere else while the bass carries your body through a time warp of dance history.  From the cha-cha-cha, to the samba, all the way back to swing dancing, and fast forward to the rich as hell dance. It does not matter.  You can do it all to Modulation.


Watertonic – Super Cake

So…I walk into the kitchen to go get a slice of 2 day old birthday cake (shouts out to myself!), cut it, take a bite of it, and head back into my office.  Without looking at what is playing or at how much cake I am devouring, I suddenly realize that my taste buds and ear drums are simultaneously on their way to heaven.  What kind of cake am I eating? Funfetti with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top.  What’s the name of the song I am listening to? SUPER CAKE! Haha…yes this really just happened.  Super Cake is the brand new track from Watertonic and it was released on SoundCloud two days ago.  This song is very minimal with an incredibly deep and slow build right in the middle of it.  Dancey and trancey is how I would sum this one up.  I love the sounds Watertonic is brining into this world so keep an eye out on Ganjaology for new tunes coming from the South American bass producer!