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Splatinum to Release Funkonology! [Interviewed Live at The Crocodile, Seattle 11/15]

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

Seattle based mad sound scientists Splatinum rocked the Crocodile Friday night as one part of the sold-out Bassdrop Music event which also included performances by Wildlight and Polish Ambassador. Decked out in their undeniably awesome USA jumpers, this energetic pair of intergalactic musical messengers took the stage by storm, playing an all original set featuring tunes from their upcoming album Funkonology.

Before the show, we had the chance to meet with the boys in the green room to chat a bit about the project, their new release and what’s happening in this heady little bass circuit which we call home. Adam and Andrew, which together make Splatinum, were humble yet hilarious… and artfully playful in their responses.

Check out the interview below, and be sure to cop the new album when it drops in December!

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

Get your copy of Funkonology here!

Also, be sure to stop by Monkey Loft in Sodo 12.20.13 for the album release party!


Big thanks to Bassdrop Music for putting together the event and getting us connected to do the interview. The evening was purely a success.

Now read on to hear for yourself what Splatinum has to say…

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

GANJAOLOGY: This is Ganjaology and we’re here with Splatinum at the Crocodile in Seattle where they’ll be opening up for The Polish Ambassador. So why don’t you guys introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about Splatinum.

ADAM: I’m Adam. I’m one half of Splatinum, along with the man sitting right next to me…

ANDREW: And I’m Andrew. I’m the “Splat” in Andrew’s enum. So we started making music officially as Splatinum four years ago and it’s been an awesome ride since then. We both share a lot of the same musical tastes and both came up in the scene in the South East, and then reconnected again here in Seattle. We realized that we were both making the same kind of music and eventually decided to blend it together into one project.

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

ADAM: Ya it was really about breaks and breakbeat when I first got into it, Adam was already putting out records and I was buying his records. We were both more into this Florida / UK Breaks kind of sound, which evolved into stages of garage and drum n bass for me for a while. It sort of came full circle for me when I came out west to Seattle, I discovered Laptop battle and I got all into this kind of computer music. It was all about making music on a laptop and I thought that was really cool, to make music that sounded like electronic music… It sounded like it was made on a laptop. I felt like this is new, this is something different. This is pioneering technology!

ANDREW: Ya for sure and I think that kinda pushed us into only wanting to do live performances of our own stuff. We both competed in laptop battles which is this great thing which got started in Seattle. It is similar to like a DJ DMC battle, if you’ve ever seen one of those guys, except it’s strictly for laptop musicians who do these three minute rounds.  You come out and basically bring out your bangers…

ADAM: Single elimination, three minute rounds, and you get one controller. It’s pretty fun.

ANDREW: Ya they’re great. So doing those, and me having the production background of releasing stuff… I used to do an all hardware Live PA. I used to do that back in the South East for years. And then I got into DJing because I was like, oh I just need like 30 pounds of records instead of a truck full of gear. Now we fit everything in a laptop and like three controllers… and well, it’s nice.

GANJAOLOGY: You touched on some influences, but how would you describe your sound now?

ANDREW:  We’ve gotten a little groovier in the recent past for this new album. And a little funkier than we have in the past. I think we started out a little more hard edge and then…

ADAM: You know, it’s funny because the grooves that we’re making now have more space. Sometimes they’re more easy going, but I think in our early days we were just trying to write music that sort of progressed through this story line, and we sort of never let up.

ANDREW: Super dramatic…

ADAM: But now we just use more musical techniques to drive the interest of the song and the direction of the song like verses and choruses and bridges. And chord changes and stuff like that. And I think we’re just more aware of what’s happening with the music. And so, I think that we’ve developed more patience with the groove, which is interesting. I guess, we’re doing more funk influenced stuff too.

ANDREW: This album is one that we’ve put together fully as an album from the beginning. We really tried to write songs for the album, whereas our first album was a collection of all the stuff we had written up until that time. Which was cool, but it was pretty varied. But this one we set out to consciously approach it as an entire album and to have songs that really were interrelated to one another.

ADAM: I think the approach to song writing is just a little different. Before whenever we’d make a tune it was as if we had this linear approach to answer the last thing that was just created. But what was cool about collaborating is that in passing it back and forth we could keep this passion and fire going just by answering each other with whatever happened in the tune. But now I think we have this kind of Gestalt view or overview perspective. We have more of a vision when we approach something so it unfolds easier in that regard. Maybe we just know more of the options. It’s not as linear.

ANDREW: All of our stuff, you can kinda follow from the beginning. It’s kind of an on going musical conversation between me and Adam. With a lot of jokes.

ADAM: Yes, a lot of jokes.

GANJAOLOGY: Awesome. So tell me, this upcoming album… It’s called Funkonlology?

ANDREW: Yes, so when we started Funkonology, we realized pretty early on that it’s more than just an album. And that it was highly researched and based on the science of sound, and really is a self improvement tool. So for anyone that wants to come listen to it, it’s full of healing bass waves. It’s really good stuff.

GANJAOLOGY: So you guys seem to be focused on the science behind the music, which now in the digital age is obviously very important. You have to really know what you’re doing with the tools that you’re given. I wonder specifically, are you using any targeted frequencies? You mention healing.

ANDREW: Ya so there’s all sorts of different sacred frequencies that you can work in. For us its’ really an intuitive process. Half science, half intuition. We find what works. I think most of the science comes in with the usage of the tools and mechanisms in the production process.

ADAM: Where it becomes scientific is when you’re exploring the different axes of sound and the limitations and the various dimensions of the software that you’re using.

ANDREW: And psycho acoustics. There’s a difference between the science of the physics going on versus what the human ear can interpret, and the further the human brain… And then deeper than that, the soul.

ADAM: There’s a balance between the visceral component of heavy bass and the psychological component of the harmonics and how they setup the drops or how they build tension and release and all of that. It’s scientific but it’s also emotional.

ANDREW: It’s like you can go out and listen to really hard, angry music all night, and that’s what you’re going to walk away with. For us, we’ve really always wanted to make music that allowed people to have some sort of release, some sort of transformative experience, hopefully a positive one every time.

ADAM: When we sit down to make a tune, we’re just trying to bring to life a fantasy about a dance floor, to inspire movement and to imagine what the peoples’ reactions will be.

GANJAOLOGY: Yes, that’s super cool. I think there’s major benefit in just movement. Let alone what’s actually being ingested, but the response in movement. Let’s talk a little bit about the scene. Is it EDM, dubstep, electronica… How do you guys fit in?

ANDREW: We started out when it was still super underground. Even the large parties that I went to when I was just a wee tike… It might be a 5,000 person party but it will still feel super underground. It would be in some weird converted warehouse space. You couldn’t really play in any clubs. And it’s been awesome seeing this music, which I love, which no one understood for years, to see it now… Finally the stuff that I like is getting some love and excitement around it.

ADAM: Ya, I grew up in North Carolina. It was tough. You had to really dig deep to discover electronic music. I DJ’d empty rooms for years. I think it was partially because it was harder to access. To hear the fresh new music that was just disappearing into someone’s new crate, you had to go to the store and listen to actual records.

ANDREW: You had to call your friend at the record shop and let him know, “Anything you get new in the shop this week, hold it for me. Make sure you don’t sell it.” Everyone would do like 500 white labels, like test pressings of something and then each record store might get like one or two copies of each. So you had to have a good relationship with the guy at the record store so you could get the white label, so that you could get the freshest stuff. Whereas now, it went from there being gatekeepers to it being this internet based thing where it’s less about getting the advance release from an established artist as it is about finding that guy that has two tunes on Soundcloud, and they’re amazing. Then it’s about getting up with him like “Hey, why don’t you send that music to me.” So I think that’s what the DJs are doing now. That’s how they’re crate digging as opposed to going to the stores looking for vinyl.

ADAM: Nowadays, it’s so much easier for someone to decide to learn about electronic music and to go discover it.

ANDREW: It’s perfectly suited for this age. It’s technology based music being spread through fast paced technological channels.

ADAM: We were discussing this earlier. This build in EDM has been going on for years. It’s been a slow rise, but I don’t think this is some flash in the pan freak occurrence. People love to dance!

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

All photos seen here were taken by Travis Tigner. Thanks!

Sight & Lowgritt – The Ascension

Over the past year and a half, Californian based hip-hop artists Sight and Lowgritt have been steadily grinding away at a project that has finally come to an end.  Their debut album together, The Ascension, is a display of funky West coast beats and conscious lyrics that are meant to inspire you…make you think…and above all, make you get down on the dance floor!  This 12 track album is a really positive piece of art.  In a day and age where a lot of rap and hip-hop coming out is about violence and drug dealing, an album that has such a ‘bass music’ vibe and at the same time keeps a more classic hip-hop style really stands out.  Sight and Lowgritt even featured Ganjaology’s Callisto on a couple tracks!  Be sure to give The Ascension a good listen and support Sight & Lowgritt down in sunny Cali.

Here are a few words for the artists themselves…

“The creation of this album took place during the cosmic transition which has brought our planet into the age of Aquarius. The idea was to create an album that could capture that moment of transition through lyrical, thought-provoking vocals and emotionally engaging productions that were tuned harmonically at 432 hz. We began working on The Ascension in the early months of 2012. ” – Sight & Lowgritt

Tonight! Lafa Taylor, Nico Luminous, & The Digital Connection @ Subduktion

Tonight at Subduktion some West coast favorites are gonna be providing you with a full night of bass music backed with an exceptional local lineup.  California’s Lafa Taylor and Nico Luminous will be sharing the stage with The Digital Connection, coming from Colorado.  With fire dancers, live painting, interactive performers, a superb selection of musical acts and an all around awesome vibe at this space, the night is looking good!

Subduktion is collecting blankets, tarps, canned food, socks, and tents to donate to Burners Without Borders, who will then donate the collected items to the homeless community.  If you bring two or more items you will receive a $5 discount at the door!


Check out the brand new video from Lafa Taylor entitled, Mixed Emotions,  Nico Luminous’ G Crunk Mixtape, and a free download from The Digital Connection while you get ready for the evening.

DZ – Got (Free Download)

Here is a brand new tune from the dubstep heavyweight, DZ.  The futuristic West Coast vibes don’t stop coming from this free download, GOT.  Grab your copy, big up the OG dubstep producer, and burn a nice fatty to DZ’s new sounds!

DZ On Soundcloud

Highcast #018 – Daega Sound

This is the latest ‘Highcast’ featuring the Canadian deep dubstep legends, Deaga Sound, is straight fiyah!  With deep rhythmic bass lines and intricate, yet clean percussion patterns, this fifty minute mix is what any true dub head craves to listen to.

HighOnBeats did a very nice Q&A with the Daega Sound brothers to accompany this mix that’s worth checking out too…. Click here to read it.

Enjoy this heavyweight mix!

Track Listing
1. Daega Sound – Sea of Tranquillity (Intro)
2. Daega Sound – Abyss (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
3. Daega Sound – Under Pressure (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
4. Twisted & Rakoon Feat. Beezy – Secluded (Dub)
5. Daega Sound – The Ridge (Dub)
6. Daega Sound – Second Strike (Dub)
7. Gantz & Beezy – First Born (Dub)
8. Daega Sound – In Your Space (Dub)
9. Gantz – U Won’t Mind (Forthcoming Black Box)
10. Killawatt – Press On (Osiris Music)
11. Daega Sound – The Movement (Forthcoming Bass Coast Download)
12. Daega Sound – State Of Mind (Black Box)
13. Amit – Acid Trip (Tempa)
14. Kryptic Minds – Askum (Tectonic)
15. Daega Sound – Spirit (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
16. Daega Sound – Fonica (Crude Recordings)
17. Killawatt – Mystic Vocation (Osiris Music)
18. Amit Feat Rani – Stay With Me (Exit Records)
19. Proxima – Thermal Vision (Tempa)
20. Daega Sound – The Way (June Miller Remix Forthcoming Fathom Recordings)
21. Daega Sound – Falsehood (Forthcoming DPR)
22. Daega Sound – Rainmaster (Dub)




Subaqueous – Immerge

Ganjaology, Subaqueous, Immerge

This past weekend, while participating at Photosynthesis festival, I had the distinct pleasure to meet, greet, dance to, and dance with one of the finest performers and producers of the west coast bass music circuit, Subaqueous.

If you don’t know, Subaqueous aka Isaac Cotec is a young sound scientist whose music penetrates the deepest reaches of the earthen ear. Like his name, his sounds are smooth, sultry and seductive with a touch of spice. The sub atomic frequencies that he transmits will sooth your soul and stimulate your deepest desires, leaving you craving more.

Tune in to the lush sounds of Subaqueous with his album Immerge, and enjoy yourself as you drop into the wonder of your being. Dance into your evening with the alluring splash of sonic water washing over your auricular reservoir. This is Subaqueous!

More music by Subaqueous here.

Lightning In A Bottle – Artist Highlight – ill-esha

With only one week left to prepare for the legendary West coast music festival, Lighting In  A Bottle, thousands of people are getting ready to congregate and celebrate all the beauty of life through music, dance, and all other art forms, in Temecula, California.

With tons of artists to see throughout the course of the five day extravaganza, there are a few names you should put at the top of your ‘Do Not Miss’ list.  Ill-esha is definitely on that list.  Native to British Colombia, Canada, but currently living in Denver, Colorado, ill-esha has been a name in the bass music community for years now and has released music on Dub Police, Subway, Street Ritual, Muti Music, Simplify, and most recently, Gravitas Recordings.

Ill-esha captivates the crowds attention 100% when she is performing.    March 2012 I was able to catch a live performance (that I accidentally stumbled upon) at Envision music festival in Uvita, Costa Rica.  The energy from that night has stuck with me ever since.  Between DJing, singing over her own tracks,  covering genre’s from glitch-hop to midtempo to dubstep, triggering samples and playing keys,  ill-esha displays a true love for the music she makes and plays.

Below are some examples of the sounds ill-esha has been pushing for the last few years along with the title track of her new album Whiplash Recovery. 




LIB Artist Highlight – Desert Dwellers

With Lighting In A Bottle less than a month away, people from across the globe are gathering their energy and preparing for the journey they will soon be making to Southern California, for one of America’s most unique musical gatherings of the year.  As you’ve probably heard already,  The Do Lab has done an extraordinary job (once again) booking the most original and inspirational artists to bless LIB with the sounds and vibes that participants crave.  One of the groups that I love to see time and time again are the West Coast duo, Desert Dwellers.  Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe have an incredibly unique electronic/world sound that mostly contains a downtempo/glitch-hop vibe, and is composed of live instrumentation, new-age synthesizers, and fat gurgling bass lines.  You’ll surely enjoy this easy listening, positive music.  Make sure you don’t miss their set at Lighting In A Bottle this year!

Dubamine – Bust ‘Em EP – Out Now!!

Bust 'Em Art

We are proud to announce Ganjaology’s first release with multi-talented creator Dubamine! The Bust ‘Em EP features four tracks filled with drippy synths, crisp percussion, and bubbling dub baselines – all packaged into a visionary dub selector’s dream pack. Whether your tastes tend toward the heavier side of dubstep or the more reggae influenced, vibes oriented rub-a-dub stylee, the Bust ‘Em EP has something for you.

Native to Santa Cruz, based in New York – 22 year old Lucas Heinel is Dubamine. Already receiving accolade from some of the scene’s heaviest hitting DJs, the sound boy is on track to be one of the hottest up and coming artists of 2013. His tune “Wicked Dub” was recently featured on a mix by legendary UK selector, Cessman. With plans to release a series of EPs followed by a feature length album through Ganjaology Records, Heinel has his work cut out for him.

When asked, “Why Dubamine?” – Heinel replied that the name highlights the idea that within each of our brains is a little receptor specifically targeted to resonate with the sounds of dub. The Bust’em EP, available for free download June 1st, is just a teaser of what this sound boy scientist can do. We invite you to awaken your consciousness with a pure dose of Dubamine!

To get things started, the first track entitled Bust ‘Em sets the precedent for this sinister sound pack. The track features classic vocal samples carefully inlaid atop a burping bass line, smacking drums and a stack of spacey dub synths. Bouncy and delicious, this one definitely defies gravity.

Next up is another round of dopeness, aptly titled Dro. Featuring an acapella of E40’s “Pimpin Smokin Dro”, this hard hitting track will surely find it’s way into the crates of many.

For those that thought the EP wasn’t quite gutter enough, the tune Gutter Punk certainly exceeds expectation. Heavy synths and smacking snares characterize this dastardly track.

Lastly, we have Dubamine’s self proclaimed favorite of the release, Vita Mon C VIP. Throw this one in the mix for a straight to the vein dose of Dubamine’s vital dubs. One question, “Are you feeling alright!?”

Dubamine on Facebook

Dubamine on SoundCloud

Ganjaology on Facebook

Knight Riderz – Positive Vibez EP (Muti Music)

Over the past couple years I’ve noticed that Canada is becoming a huge leader in the North American bass music scene, and artists are popping from cities across the country up left and right.  Most recently I caught wind of Knight Riderz latest EP, Positive Vibez, which was released on Muti Music a couple weeks ago.  Having heard previous tunes of his such as For Real and Killer, I had an idea of the huge, glitchy, sounds I was going to hear.  All four tracks are infused with a surplus of bass, contain a crisp wall of percussion, and an all around fresh sound that’s hard to find in a lot of electronic music today.  I hear a lot of producers trying to add too much noise to the music and fill every space that doesn’t already have a sound in it.  With the Positive Vibes EP I’m hearing the opposite of that.  Knight Riderz took a very mature route with this EP and although it’s glitchy, wild as ever, and really gets your blood flowing, it is a sound that is clearly crafted by a seasoned professional who shows a lot of care and passion for his work.  If you haven’t already got Knight Riderz Positive Vibes EP in your music library you’re missing out on some serious bass sounds! Do yourself a favor and grab the EP.  You’re also able to download the song Positive Vibes HERE, exclusively from

 Also worth checking out from Knight Riderz is the brand new, all original mix that he just finished for Dub Selekta up in Victoria, BC.  It’s got tracks from Positive Vibes along with brand new unheard awesomeness from the 2013 Knight Riderz Remix EP Million Miles which will be coming out on Seclusiasis on the 21st.

Here is what Knight Riderz had to say to Dub Selekta about this mix…

“Hella stoked on be able to showcase this new mixtape with the one and only Dubselekta! This mix is a 100% original Knight Riderz material with a bunch of exclusives, remixes, edits, collaborations and freshly released music. The Dubselekta podcast gives a good glimpse into both the present and future of the Knight Riderz project. Watch out for the new Million Miles EP coming out on Seclusiasis on Dec.21st. In the meantime head over to beatport and pick up the Positive Vibez EP here.” – Knight Riderz





2NUTZ – Bi-Tetral-Inadvertancies – Muti Music

COLORODO STAND UP! There is never a lack of  funky glitch driven sounds sounds being blasted from the great Rocky Mountains into the world, and this new group named 2NUTZ proves just that.  Being made up of glitch commanders kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor, they have taken the sound of the future to a whole new level.  2NUTZ will launch you to a new planet who’s inhabitants live in a spacious atmospheric environment and survive solely on low end frequencies and roaring synth lines played by the most creative minds in the galaxy.  With Muti Music behind this West Coast power duo, 2NUTZ is only getting a started on a project that will blossom into one of your favorite glitch-hop groups to date.

”My sole mission in life is to keep your ears listening, your brain thinking, your
hearts radiating, and most of all, your booty shakin” and making music that is; “glitch-hop,
dubstoops, lazer-crunk, future love, all things in between and throughout.” – kLL sMTH

Take a few minutes and prepare for your Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies experience.



Caspa Ft. Mighty High Coup – ON IT [Forthcoming On Dub Police]

Whoah! I gotta say, if someone had played this for me and asked me to guess the producer I would have been waaaaay wrong.  Yes, Caspa is on his hip-hop game.  Check it! Of course, it’s a banger.  Big ups!

Eskmo – “Cloudlight”

This track just really needed to get a post. Everything about this video deserves recognition. The song is so original yet so catchy, from the weird groove to the moving synths, to the amazing vocoded vocals, this track gives the true feeling of “floating in magically colorful pieces of sky”. Eskmo is yet another dope artist from San Fran who has been in the game for several years already. Seems he’s got a dope thing going with his music as well as the San Fran bass scene as well. The track is a part of his full length album out on Ninja Step Records and is available on Beatport as well as other online stores as well.

Check it out. You wont be disappointed.

Self Evident – Stripped

Tonight would probably be a good night to get out on the dance floor and let loose. I mean seriously, we wanna see some booty shakin’ people!

Image by Mars-1.

Cualli – Merkaba Craft

“Cualli is an Aztec word for something which is inherently good and I want my music to reflect that.” – Cualli

Envision music festival, once again, has brought some new found musical knowledge to my brain by introducing me to the tunes of Cualli, of Denver, Colorado.  I met Aaron Holsapple, aka Cualli, kickin’ it under a shady structure early one afternoon while dodging the sun and waiting for some of the dankest falafel known to man kind to finish cooking.  Cualli was mad cool and told me he was playing later in the evening at the bar stage so I figured I’d check out the tunes.  WELL DAMN…evening rolled around, I think it was around 11pm, and Kll Smth and myself were on the move towards the bar stage to check some truly unique and inspiring bass sounds from Cualli.  Cualli came in on the most positive tip and kept the energy flowing high through his entire set, which consisted of incredible guitar solos, a violinist on stage, and more smiles than I’ve seen in a long time.  It was definitely an energizing performance to watch.  Merkaba Craft is one of my favorite Cualli tracks off of his newest ep, Elixir, that I want you all to check out.  This song has a lot of different elements from start to end…heavy synths that almost whine, a nice kick that keeps your feet moving, an INCREDIBLE transition to pure positivity, and a guitar solo to top it all off!  There will definitely be more Cualli on, but until then, check out his SoundCloud HERE, for more tunes.

Okay…I can’t put up just one Cualli track…here is another personal favorite, Jungle Love.

Megalodon – “Tripple Bypass”

If you’ve ever read any of my other posts you’d know that I’m a promoter of anyone who sticks close to the garage/dubstep feel that originated out of England. Although these guys are fellow Yankees, they keep the dark dubstep feel and have a great unique sound. This swung banger is sure to get any head boppin and has these weird stabs that provide a dark heavy sound. Biggin up Megalodon on this big tune, Check IT!

Nosaj Thing – Fog

Do you ever end up with music on your computer and you just don’t know how it got there?  That’s how I came across Nosaj Thing a little over a year ago.  I was scrolling through my music library and came across this funny name…no…saj…thing?  What?  Oh, I get it.  I instantly became interested  after reading his name and the fact that I had a full album of his and had never heard of him, so I picked a song and clicked play.  The first track I selected from Nosaj Thing was fog.  This is not your huge club banger, or heavy bass overload track.  Instead this is a beautiful, ghostly instrumental laced up with mellow drums that get your head bobbin’ to the beat.  I immediately fell in love with Nosaj Things production style and have since been a steady listener of his music.  It brings calmness to any environment and keeps your energy in tune.  Enjoy this one and relax today. PEACE!

MartyParty – Bully (off the new Sub On EP)

October 4th marked the day of another MartyParty EP release!  This time his new EP is called Sub On.  The name is perfect, the cover of the EP is hilarious too!  The names of the tracks on Sub On are Pac Man, Bully, Icre Cream, Lose this, and V8,  all of which are represented on the cover.  Overall the Ep is incredible, as expected from the South African native, but the track that stands out the most is Bully.  Bully is not your typical MartyParty track with a strong, beautiful, synthy melody and several different breakdowns and build ups throughout the song.  Bully is straight to the point.  Grimey, wobbly, and FILLED with the deep bass you’re anticipating.  I love it, I think it shows progression in MartyParty’s style and shows that he can hang with the best in the production world when trying to bring the bass.  Download SUB ON HERE at MartyParty’s website.  

Nit Grit – Wake up

Do you believe in space travel?!  I sure do when I got Nit Grit bumpin’ at full blast from my King Kong speakers!  Really though…who doesn’t love the idea of space travel?  Team Ganjaology will be in orbit by the year 2020!
These two new Nit Grit tracks titled Wake Up, and I Made This For You, are beautifully crafted works of audio art, crafted to make your ears bleed when played at high volume, even if they are being protected by your space helmet.  Get ready to launch and press play!