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Positive Vibes From ‘Pogo’

This post is a little bit different than most of my others. These 3 tunes below aren’t bass heavy, they’re not dark, and they don’t have any wobbles. These beautifully crafted remixes have a very unique sound. The producer Pogo a.k.a. Nick Bertke takes sound clips from a set movie or show, chops and tunes them to his liking, then builds funky, melodic and beautiful tunes. The best part is, it’s not only music! The videos are edited to follow along with the song. Below are three that I found to be really cool, there are MANY more on his youtube channel though.

Check out his youtube channel at:

And his website at:

Enjoy these beautiful, positive songs!



Dismantle – “Computation”

Ok so, this post is long over due. The song was released in september, on this Brighton producers two track EP. He has a very unique sound with his ravey synths and four to the floor beats. Its about as housey as dubstep gets, but its still has a somewhat heavy feel. This tune hits so hard in a club, its one of those songs that you’ll hear it drop and not even realize you’re moving. So if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor check out Dismantle’s amazing tune “Computation”. While you’re at it, big up yourself!