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Pericles – Portal Hopping (Forthcoming on Vermin Street 6/19!)

Happy Holidaze! We’ve got some brand new fire to help heat up your sub on this fine memorial day weekend from Pericles,  one of the funkiest southern bass magicians you’ll find in the States.  Currently residing in South Carolina, Pericles has been hard at work putting all the finishing touches on his upcoming album,  Ancient Desert, which is being released through Vermin Street on the 19th of June.  This track Portal Hopping is the first official preview of what’s in store to kick start everyones summer vibes.  This song has truly caught my attention.  From the full bodied synths to the immense drums, all the way down to the most subtle sweeps and clicks, Portal Hopping has everything plus more to keep the song flowing like liquid and still hit as hard as a hammer.  If this doesn’t help set off your summer then I don’t know what will!  Stay tuned for a full album review and extended write up of Ancient Desert next month.  Big ups Pericles!  Big ups Vermin Street!

BassDrop Presents : The Polish Ambassador Live @ Neumos (TONIGHT)

Womp! Womp! Zoom! CRASH! Boing! Boing! REWIIIIIIIIIIIIIND! The Polish Ambassador has been brought to town (Seattle) by Bassdrop  to throw down some grimy, glitchy, funky, sexy, and EXTRA spacey bassy beats.  You had better make sure that only thing on your agenda tonight is to get your ass on the dance floor at Neumos.  Tickets are only $15, so no excuses not to show.  On top of having one of California’s finest in the building, the opening line up is off the hook too! With Tonzafun and Sunny Chiba representing Seattle, and Glitch & Swagga coming in from Wenatchee, WA, there will be nonstop incredible tracks back to back…to back…to back…to…back.  See ya’ll there!


Biome – “Back To Reality”

Biome is one of my favorite producers right now. He has such a deep dark sound that may seem quieter but is it ever bass heavy. This one is a bit more hype than his usual feel. Check out this UK producers tune entitled Back To Reality, its a dope one.

Haze – “Spazz”

Haze aka FuntCase has been doing major things in the dubstep scene. With his massive remix of Plan B’s track “Ill Manners” and his new Haze EP that he just released today, 2012 is looking to be his biggest year yet. Signed to Circus Recs for his FuntCase stuff, and to True Tiger for this Haze EP its impossible for someone to overlook this guys talent. The man has a bunch of stuff online, from his humorous tour videos touring around with circus, to the extensive list of tracks and live sets – all of it is good. This track is the first track off his Haze EP and it’s probably my favorite. From the hilarious “HA” sample in the drop to his deep funky wobs, haze kills the track and instantly gets my head bobbin. Check out this dubstep masterpiece and honestly check out more of his stuff if you haven’t already, he’s pure class.

Kahn & Neek – Percy

Kahn and Neek need to release this tune. Straight up. Such a nice vibe, and a crazy sound. Below is another smooth and melodic tune by Kahn. Check em both! Biggin up Kahn and Neek! Shutup every soundboy!

Taiki & Nulight – “Bad Habbit”

These guys are sick. I first heard them about six months ago when Dream tweeted about their free EP that they had released. Their track “Defate” first introduced me to their signature heavy sound. Then while watching an episode of Get Darker TV I watched them spin a very energetic, fun, heavy set and I was instantly hooked. Their track “Bad Habbit” is set to release of off Benga’s new label cleverly named Benga Beats, and its a big one. Bad Habbit has been smashing dance floors and and booming over the english radio, now it’s ready to bless the public! Check out this tune:

go grab their new EP on subway:


Megalodon – “Tripple Bypass”

If you’ve ever read any of my other posts you’d know that I’m a promoter of anyone who sticks close to the garage/dubstep feel that originated out of England. Although these guys are fellow Yankees, they keep the dark dubstep feel and have a great unique sound. This swung banger is sure to get any head boppin and has these weird stabs that provide a dark heavy sound. Biggin up Megalodon on this big tune, Check IT!

Soap Dodgers “Rachel Went South/Belly” Release

Such a clean sound coming from these UK cats. This EP, which was just released on Wheel and Deal Records last night, has such a crisp and full sound to it. Both tracks which instantly make me want to dance, are definitely set for the club. Everything I’ve heard from the duo I’ve like so far, I’m interested to see where they go from here… expect big things. Check it!

Kill The Noise “Dying” (Brown & Gammon Remix)

This stroke of genius just needs to be shared with you ganjaologites. Brown & Gammon should honestly be paying me for the promotion I do for him. But seriously this shit is amazing. His synth work is on a whole new level. So ravey but soo good at the same time. This ones a great remix, I definitely put the [J.Hanna] stamp on it.

Anthony B meets Dubblestandartd – Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk

Subatomic Sound went extra big with this remix of Anthony B’s Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk.  The original song was released in November 2010 and was fueled by the ongoing oppression and violence between political parties and the poverty stricken people of Jamaica and also the huge man hunt and all out war that was ensuing in Kingston while police were searching for Dudus, one of Jamaica’s largest cocaine king pins.  The lyrics are simple, and straight to the point. ‘TALK! Ya can’t stop we from talkin’!”   This remix is a mash up of Anthony B’s Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk and Dubblestandart’s Kingston Riot.  It’s upbeat, it’s sending positivity, you get the point…play the song.  Check out the video for the original song too!

Mad Decent Vol. 1 Free Mini Mix

It’s only the first half of the week and I feel like dancing… Thankfully Mad Decent just released an 8 minute mini mix which will get your ass groovin’ out of work and into the closest bar for happy hour!  This mix is extra swagged out and incorporates a ton of different styles.   moombahton, dancehall, dubstep, electro, and a few tracks that are unable to be categorized.  The level of diversity in the music that Mad Decent represents and brings to the dance floor is my main reason for my deep love of the East Coast record label. Good Job Mad Decent, keep the mixes coming!

KGB – Hands Up

I came across these Estonian producers on beatport a few months back and this one has stuck with me.  This is one of those songs that every time this drop hits I find myself moving. Nothing too complicated, it has a unique sound with a smooth yet heavy feeling. I gotta say I haven’t heard too much else from these guys but this one is one of my favorites. Check the choooon!

Pursuit of Beba – Kid Cudi VS Pantyraid (Boreta Mashup)

So Beba, produced by Pantyraid, was by far the most moving and womping song off the first self titled PantyRaid album.  Pursuit of Happiness, produced by Ratatat with lyrics by Kid Cudi, caught the hip-hop scene by surprise and was 2010’s theme song worldwide.  THIS MASHUP IS INCREDIBLE!  It makes sense that Boreta of Glitch mob would do this mashup since one of the members of Pantyraid, Ooah, is also part of Glitch Mob.  From the first kick drum this track thumps with intensity and is controlled by the beautiful melodic work of Ratatat. GOD DAMN!

Watertonic – Super Cake

So…I walk into the kitchen to go get a slice of 2 day old birthday cake (shouts out to myself!), cut it, take a bite of it, and head back into my office.  Without looking at what is playing or at how much cake I am devouring, I suddenly realize that my taste buds and ear drums are simultaneously on their way to heaven.  What kind of cake am I eating? Funfetti with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top.  What’s the name of the song I am listening to? SUPER CAKE! Haha…yes this really just happened.  Super Cake is the brand new track from Watertonic and it was released on SoundCloud two days ago.  This song is very minimal with an incredibly deep and slow build right in the middle of it.  Dancey and trancey is how I would sum this one up.  I love the sounds Watertonic is brining into this world so keep an eye out on Ganjaology for new tunes coming from the South American bass producer!

Subscape – Turn Me On

Got damn! Subscape never ceases to amaze me. His smooth melodies with his beautifully perfected synths come together to make such amazing tunes. He can do the grime, he can do the melodic club banger, he can do it all. Love this tune, big ups to Subscape. Enjoy the banger that releases in just a few days!

16bit – Dinosaurs

Quick post for you guys

16bit: sick producers.

Dinosaurs: sick tune.

The Video: unreal.

check it out for me, let me know what you think.

Skream – Outlook Dub

 Here is the brand new track, Outlook Dub, from the dubstep legend and pioneer, Skream.


Hailing from Mar Del Plata, Argentina, Adrian Espinosa, but better known as COLOR AMOR, is a growing and leading influence in his countries heavy bass music scene. and The Coventry Kids have been lucky enough to share some music, collaborate on a mixtape, and present you with an interview about the Argentinian bass fanatic.

I first learned of the young producer about a year ago after I came across his Slow Burning mixtape on SoundCloud.  This mix held a sound I was slightly familiar with, but also contained a lot of new mash-up qualities that came out as foreign sounds to my ears.  This music womped and kicked like dubstep, but kept a beat that sent memories of Latino clubs through my leg muscles.  I was instantly impressed.  This style of bass music is called cumbia bass or cumbiastep and incorporates hip-hop, heavy bass music, and cumbia, which originated  in the south Caribbean and in Columbia.

Cumbia began solely with African drums and shakers, but was later intertwined with European musical characteristics and instruments.  Cumbia is most popular in Columbia, The Caribbean, Argentina, and Chile, which is why Argentina is one of the driving forces behind the cumbia bass music scene today.  It was a brand new unique sound flowing through the air of my apartment.

I listened to Slow Burning frequently throughout the next few months while Color Amor was consistently adding new mixes to his SoundCloud page.  Over the past year he has had 10 releases and received over 12,000 combined plays on SoundCloud while maintaining a highly renowned reputation for his moving and unconventional graphic art and paintings.

I got in touch with Color Amor via email to reach out and bring the bass community of the America’s together and that is exactly what happened.  It took a little longer than anticipated, but we were able to get a short interview and a mixtape put together to share with the world.  We went back and forth about some ideas about the mix itself and also about album cover work and while I was at BassCoast Music Festival this past week Color Amor dropped the final artwork for the mix into my Inbox and uploaded the finished mix to Soundcloud. I am proud to present the first ever Color Amor interview by The Ganjaologist and the Color Amor 4:20 Mixtape Powered by and The Coventry Kids.  Here we go!


Me: Lets start off with having you tell me a little bit about yourself, where you are from, how old are you, what kind of music you grew up listening to, how you got started as a producer and DJing…basically the origins of Color Amor.


Color Amor: Hey! I’m Adrian Espinosa a.k.a. Waze.  Color Amor is my personal music project (bass music DJing and producing beats). I’m born and raised in Mar del Plata, Argentina and am 22 years old.  Ever since I was little I have been listening to hip-hop, reggae, and electronic music.  In the last few years I have began to listen to more and more dub, dubstep, trip-hop, but still keep on with hip-hop and reggae too.


Me:  How did the name Color Amor come to represent you?

Color Amor: Along with being a Dj and producer I am a graphic designer.  I love color! EL COLOR DEL AMOR(THE COLOR OF LOVE), de que color es el amor(what is the color of love)?  You tell me…haha.

Me: Who are some of the musical artists that have influenced your sound the most over the last few years?

Color Amor:  Manu Chao, Eek A Mouse, King Tubby, The Roots, Cypress Hill, Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73, Run DMC, KRSOne, Rusko, Modeselektor, Bjork, Daleduro, Die Antwoord, Jedi Mind Tricks, Marcianos Crew, and Army of Dub just to name a few…

Me: What was the first event you ever played/hosted?

Color Amor: The first dubstep and cumbiastep parties I was djing were called YOUKNOW parties.  They are still goingon. I perform at them to this day.  They have been extremely cool, good people!

Me: What was the first album you ever bought?

Color Amor: Haha, the first album I ever bought was Michael Jacksons (RIP) Dangerous.  This was when I was 8 years old too!

Me: Have you been able to tour around Argentina or outside of your country yet?

Color Amor: Unfortunately no.  I currently only play music in Argentina.  Plaves like Cordoba, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Neuquen…these are all different provinces or states of Argentina.

Me: What was your first experience with dubstep?

Color Amor: My first dubstep exposure was in 2009 when I was watching Daleduro perform at a Chaav party.  Daleduro is a BIG influence for me.  He is a big artist and I had a chance to meet him.  He is an amazing guy and really professional.  It was a very inspirational moment.

Me: What is your favorite song you have produced? Why?

Color Amor: My favorite song I’ve produced is called “Nos Estan Matando” or “They Are Killing Us” (That is the literal translation).  This song holds a very real message and draws attention to an important issue at hand.

Me: So outside of music what does your life consist of?

Color Amor: Well, I am a graphic designer and graphic artist.  I love drawing, painting, and anything that allows me to work out my creativity.  That’s  how I spend my days!  I also love to paint graffiti.  You can check out my works of art here at .

Me: What are some of your goals for 2011? What can your fans expect from Color Amor in 2011?

Color Amor: I just hope to keep playing, learning, and improving.  My idea is to play music as much as possible, sticking with the bass music and hip hop that I love, and overcome challenges I face along the way!

Me: Speaking of bass music you love…can you give me your definition of Cumbiastep?

Color Amor: It’s like a combination of hip-hop, bass music (dubstep), shakers, and the tropical sounds of cumbia…or that’s how I read it haha.  It is mainly played in South America…Argentina, Chile, and Colombia specifically.

Me: Is the dubstep in Mar Del Plata still considered underground music or has the music made its way into more mainstream clubs?

Color Amor: The dubstep, cumbiastep, and cumbiabass are DEMASIADO!!!  That means TOO NEW!!! People are beginning to meet these styles of music now, but it is still very underground.

Me: What type of development do you think dubstep and cumbiastep need in Argentina?

Color Amor: For now I think the only thing that will have a huge effect is time.  People will become exposed to this new music and hopefully clubs will begin looking for the new styles.

Me: Anything else you want to say before we wrap this up?

Color Amor: Yes, Thank you for the interview and for having interest in my music! It was a pleasure recording the mixtape for Ganjaology and The Coventry Kids.  We will stay in touch, and to all my fans in the US, keep your eyes out for Color Amor in the USA!


-Adrian Espinosa aka Color Amor aka WAZE


Rufio – Pistol In My Pants

Betamorph Records has an insane arsenal of artists…Rufio being one of them.  This is his brand new track ,Pistol In My Pants, which was released today.  When playing the song for the first time I was expecting a verse to go over the filthy drumstep beat, but there are only a few lyrics that need to be said. PISTOL IN MY PANTS! ROCKS IN MY DRAWS! WOMP! WOMP! WOMP!  Get this free download HEEEEREEE

50 Carrot – Carrots On A Plane

This track has been on steady rotation around my house for the last few days.  It immediately brings a good bouncy feel too your body and then moves towards the direction of the moon.  Okay… I’m a sucker for repetative, spaced out, dubstep and this is a nice example of it.  I’d be happy if this track went on for ten minutes…but it doesn’t…so enjoy this short clip!