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Grim – “Rewind EP” OUT NOW!

Grim Ep Cover

The latest release from us here at Ganjaology is the Rewind EP from the increadibly talented artist Grim. We are so excited to present to you these carefully crafted set of beats from this 17 year old Californian. Based out Irvine, CA this Producer/DJ has been cranking out looming low end for the past 3 years.

When I came across the EP’s title track, I was so stoked on the sounds that I immediately messaged Grim, this trio of tunes was just too perfect to pass up. Each tune is unique to itself yet they all come together to showcase Grim’s versatility. With somewhat of a ragga overtone, grim shows his love for sub bass music with the three tunes.

The EP starts of with the skanker of a tune “Rewind”. The tune is upbeat, relaxed and grooves along nicely with Grim’s signature percussion. Next he takes the sound deeper with the tune “Don’t Sleep” which if you’re into the dark side of Dubstep this one’s for you. To end the EP Grim has created an absolute sub stomper, “Burn”. From the second this one drops I can’t do anything but groove to it. So once again turn up your subwoofers, grab whatever you want to relax, and enjoy these tunes from the young man himself, Grim.

Out now! Free Download: HERE


Westerley LIVE at Bass Coast 2013

1. Versa – Vuelvo
2. Asylum – Afterlife
3. J:Kenzo – Ricochet
4. Chewie – Mesmerized
5. Catacombs – Music Mi Luv
6. Killawatt & Ipman – Darkplace
7. Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law
8. J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect
9. Gantz – Lifebound
10. Perverse – Tribute
11. D-Operation Drop – Lapse
12. Gantz – You Wont Mind
13. Commodo – Space Cash
14. Mentha & Murk – 1992 (Ipman Remix)
15. LAS – Blood
16. Sick – Fatboy (Artikal Remix)
17. J:Kenzo – Bloodlines
18. Loefah – The Goat Stare
19. Quantum Soul – Underworld
20. Amit – No mercy
21. Killawatt & Ipman – Killa In A Jungle
22. LAS – Minus 2
23. Gantz – Stayer
24. D-Operation Drop – Genesis
25. Sleeper – Species
26. Daega Sound – Under Pressure
27. Biome – Black Widow
28. Asylum – Blindfold
29. Youngsta – Poseidon
30. Matt U – Frequency
31. Piezo – The Omen
32. Catacombs – Badman Culture
33. Daega Sound – Rainmaster
34. Perverse & Gantz – Seismic
35. Killawatt – Rolling Dunes (Ipman Remix)
36. Amit – Acid Trip
37. Sleeper & District – The Risk
38. Westerley – Keys Of Time
39. Biome – The Road
40. Daega Sound – State Of Mind
41. Goth Trad – Born To Know
42. Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
43. Killawatt – Static Tension
44. Sunchase & Nickbee – I Speak & Spell
45. Youngsta – Destruction
46. Icicle – Caffeine
47. Deafblind – Humanism
48. Dcult – US
49. Dubtek – Extension
50. Wayfarer – Reflections
51. Thelem – Harmonic Fractals
52. Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical Remix)
53. Chimpo ft Dub Phizix & Skeptical- Buzzin’
54. Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)

Skeptical – Untitled Dub

** BIG ONE ** BIG ONE **

Gosh I really want some more info on this one. The Native DnB producer Skeptical has some serious weight on the 140 end of bass music. Although Youngsta has been working his tunes into the rotation of his Minimal Mondays show, I can’t find any sort of info on the plate. Check this one and BE SURE to turn up your sub.

TMSV – “Haze”

While listening back through the Youngsta and J:Kenzo back to back set, this one crept in to the mix around 70 min and I instantly had to find out who it was. The Utrecht based producer TMSV has absolutely smashed it with this bassy percussive tune. This one’s a smooth one through and though.

No sign of a release yet, but it’s such a tune it would be a shame to not get to own this one. Check it out below and support TMSV on soundcloud!

Skream – “Problem Dog + The Blue Crystal”

Well I’ll tell you what, I’m pumped about these two tunes. Skream just posted them up to¬†soundcloud about 6 hours ago and both of em deserve a post. I think Skream may have just perfected the balance of darkness, grime, and cleanliness with these tunes. Reverbs – perfect. Percussion – crisp of course. Creepy, dark vibes – check.

What’s really amazing to me, is that in this well saturated Dubstep game, Skream is able to STILL come up with unique sounds and patterns, and maintain his signature style. He mentioned in the info of the two tracks that Youngsta will be playing these in the coming months, maybe this means a release on Tempa? Wouldn’t that be a treat. Big up Skream as always. Now check em!

Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP

Apparently this stinkah has been around for a while, but this tune is Large. The only version you can find of this dubplate is the one below, with Youngsta talking over it. This one was too big not to post. Check it. Big up Kryptic Minds.